Dawn Staley Lesbian Wife – Is She Married To Gay Partner Lisa Boyer?

Team USA Coach Dawn Staley And Lisa Boyer Past Relationships, Everything To Know

Team USA Coach Dawn Staley And Lisa Boyer Past Relationships, Everything To Know

Team USA coach Dawn Staley is labeled lesbian by some fans. Here’s everything about her past relationships with Lisa Boyer.

Dwan is widely recognized for being a basketball Hall of Fame player and coach. Currently, she serves as the South Carolina Gamecocks head coach.

Recently, her US women team won a gold medal after defeating Japan at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. With that win, her record as a Team USA’s coach has reached 44-0.

Is Dawn Staley Lesbian? Sexuality Rumors Explored

Dawn Staley has never come out as a lesbian. So, we cannot claim that she is bisexual.

Nevertheless, her bold and unapologetic nature has triggered people to doubt her sexuality. As a result, many social media users claim that she is gay.

Well, the truth is Dawn hasn’t spoken about her sexuality yet. Hopefully, an update will confirm whether she is homosexual or heterosexual.

Indeed, there’s no proof regarding Dawn being a homophile. Well, we cannot claim by the baseless facts on tweets and social media posts.

Hopefully, Dawn will present herself and clarify herself regarding this confusion. After her gold medal in Olympics, fans are more eager to find out if she is straight or not.

Is Dawn Staley Married? Everything On Her Wife

Dawn Staley is not married yet. Despite the rumors on the internet, we can confirm that Dawn doesn’t have a wife or husband.

However, there seems to be a plot twist in this context. Well, Dawn had reportedly tweeted claiming she was a married woman.

Unfortunately, the tweet is no longer available. Reportedly, Staley had tied the knot with Lisa Boyer.

Later, Lisa replied to her tweet, claiming they got hitched for more than a decade. However, apart from the Twitter post, there’s no evidence regarding their marriage.

Indeed, the rumored couples might have tried to prank their fans. Well, we will never know about their relationship until they will reveal themselves as partners.

Are Dawn Staley And Lisa Boyer Gay Partners?

Dawn Staley and Lisa Boyer are claimed to be gay partners. But, there’s no verification to this statement yet.

Like Staley, Boyer is also a basketball coach. Since 2010, she has worked for South Carolina Gamecocks women’s basketball team as their associate head coach.

Indeed, the two are partners in professional life. Nevertheless, we cannot support the fact that they are dating currently.

Currently, her estimated net worth is around a million. Most probably, Lisa’s salary and net worth are both less than that of Dawn.

Basketball Coach Dawn Family Life Explored

Dawn Staley was born to an American family in South Carolina. According to Wikipedia, her parents are Clarence Staley and Estelle Staley.

Moreover, Dawn has four siblings – LawrenceAnthonyEric, and Tracey. Currently, she pets a Havanese dog named Champ, who frequently visits her training session.

Furthermore, she doesn’t have any children. Also, we are unknown if she has planned to get pregnant anytime soon.

As she was born on May 4, 1970, her current age is 51 years old. Moreover, Staley stands at the height of 5 feet and 6 inches tall.

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