DeMarcus Family Rules Cast: Jay DeMarcus, Allison DeMarcus

DeMarcus Family Rules Cast: Jay DeMarcus, Allison DeMarcus

DeMarcus Family Rules Cast: Jay DeMarcus, Allison DeMarcus

The upcoming Netflix reality series “DeMarcus Family Rules” starring the bassist of the country music band ‘Rascal Flatts’, Jay DeMarcus, and his wife the beauty diva, Allison DeMarcus is going to be one of the goofy, fun, and feel-good series of this year.

DeMarcus Family Rules is an unscripted story revolving around the life of the bassist Jay DeMarcus and his wife on how to spend their time with their children by creating their own family rules. The husband and wife have a different outlook on life and have basically the opposite approach to parenting. 

Here is everything else we know about this upcoming series and including about each of its cast members.

DeMarcus Family Rules Release Date

The season one of the DeMarcus Family Rules is set to be released on Netflix on 19 August 2020.

DeMarcus Family Rules Trailer

The life of this adorable DeMarcus Family is displayed in this fun reality series and before we move on to its plot, first check out its official trailer below if you have not seen it yet.

DeMarcus Family Rules Plot Explained

This reality series is slightly different from other stereotypical shows. According to the official synopsis on Netflix, the “Rascal Flatts” bassist Jay DeMarcus and his wife Ex-beauty Queen Allison DeMarcuswrite their own rules for juggling between family and fun.

Jay DeMarcus, the one-third of the country music band Rascal Flatts, is a fun-loving person who thinks life should have no rules, and he believes children should have a fun childhood that will become their lifetime memory as they will grow up soon.

On the other hand, his wife Allison DeMarcus thinks everything in life should be preplanned and rules are very important. 

The show will give us a look at their life having comedic chops while they are spending quality time and strengthening the relationship between them.

DeMarcus Family Rules Cast

As the name suggests, the reality series will be revolving around the DeMarcus Family. This series includes the following casts:

  • Rascal Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus
  • His wife Allison DeMarcus
  • Daughter Madeline Leigh DeMarcus
  • Son Dylan Jay DeMarcus

Besides this adorable family, we may get to see their relatives, friends, and other people in their lives.

Jay DeMarcus

Jay DeMarcus was born on 26th April 1971 in Columbus, Ohio as Stanley Wayne DeMarcus Jr. He is currently 49 years old.

This American musical artist is a bassist for the country-pop band “Rascal Flatts”. His band is popularly known for songs like Gospel, Nothing like this, The greatest gift of all, Changed, rewind, Back to Us, Still Feels Good, and many more. Jay currently resides with his DeMarcus family in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Allison DeMarcus

Jay DeMarcus married Allison DeMarcus on May 15, 2004. Allison was born as Allison Leigh Alderson in Jackson, Tennessee. She is an actress, TV host, and titleholder of three beauty pageants.

She has been crowned for Miss Tennesse Teen 1994, Miss Tennesse 1999, and Miss Tennessee USA 2002. She has also competed in other major beauty competitions like Miss America, and Miss USA 2002.

She is also intelligent in academics and was the topper in her class for which she has won the Excellence in Finance award from the Wall Street Journal.

Madeline Leigh DeMarcus

Madeline is the eldest daughter of Jay and Allison. She is currently 9 years old. She enjoys basketball and she loves to accessorize herself with pretty dresses and cute hair bows.

Dylan Jay DeMarcus

Dylan is the youngest child of the DeMarcus family. He is 8 years old. He likes to play football and going on golfing trips with his father. He also participates in the school’s several events like pet showcase, etc. 

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