Denis Shapovalov Parents Nationality And Religion

Is Denis Shapovalov Jewish? His Parents Nationality And Religion

Is Denis Shapovalov Jewish? His Parents Nationality And Religion

Denis Shapovalov parents are Russian but his nationality is Canadian. Is he Jewish by religion? Ge to know every detail of his background.

Denis is a professional tennis player. He is currently ranked at the position of 12, according to the ATP tour ranking. The athlete is set to face World’s Number 1, Novak Djokovic, in Wimbledon.

The semi-final game is scheduled for July 9, 2021, at the center court.

Shapovalov, aged 24 years old, is known as the last-minute game-changer. He could bounce back stronger against a star like Novak Djokovic. Most recently, Denis had won against British icon Andy Murray in the tournament.

He is totally hyped after beating one of the best in the sports.

Denis Shapovalov Parents 

Denis Shapovalov’s parents are Tessa and Viktor Shapovalov.

He has Tennis genes in his blood. Shapovalov’s mother is a Tennis coach herself. In an interview, he revealed about being coached by his mother since the age of 5.

She even opened up her own tennis club, Tessatennis.

In addition, Shapovalov’s father has been managing him though out his professional career.

Denis Shapovalov Nationality

Denis Shapovalov’s nationality is Canadian.

However, he was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, to Russian parents.

His mother is from Ukraine; then, it was part of the Soviet Union. She even played for the USSR national team at her time. Despite being an elite national player, she emigrated to Israel.

The family moved from Israel to Canada before Denis’ first birthday. Then, they settled in Vaughan, Ontario.

His Religion – Is He Jewish?

Denis Shapovalov’s mother is Jewish.

His mom fully accepts him as a Jewish-born child.

However, his father is and Russian-Greek orthodox, also called Moscow Patriarchate.

Shapovolov wears a cross around his neck while on his game. This certainly means he identifies his Father’s religion.

Denis Ethnicity And Background

Denis Shapovalov ethncity is White.

He has experienced cultures from different backgrounds and religions. However, Russian influence is proven to be stronger in his family.  

His parents lived under the Soviet Union but later moved to Israel in the ’90s.

Shapovalov has one sibling brother named Evgeniy. The family now lives in Nassau, Bahamas.

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