Denis Sheridan Death, Wikipedia Age And Wife: Hugh Sheridan Father

Hugh Sheridan Father Denis Sheridan Was A Swing Singer: How Did He Die?

Hugh Sheridan Father Denis Sheridan Was A Swing Singer: How Did He Die?

Denis Sheridan is Hugh Sheridan father. Recently Denis’s death has left his family mourning. But, how did he die?

Mr. Sheridan was an accomplished swing singer based in Adelaide, Australia. And, he was best known for being the father of Hugh Sheridan.

Hugh is an eminent Australian actor, musician, and TV presenter.

As of now, Denis’s death has deeply saddened the Australian music industry and his well-wishers have been paying tribute to his departed soul.

Denis Sheridan: Hugh Sheridan Father

Hugh Sheridan‘s father Denis Sheridan’s death has deeply saddened him.

As per Hugo’s Wikipedia, he was born as the second youngest child to Denis.

Hugh knew his father’s illness and his nearing death.

So, because of that reason he proposed to his partner for marriage so that his father could see his wedding.

Denis Sheridan Death: How Did He Die?

Denis Sheridan jas died on Monday 24th May 2021.

His death obituary has released after one of his cousins made an announcement post via Twitter today.

The cause of his death is said to be due to terminal cancer.

The veteran singer was battling cancer for quite some time now and was receiving palliative care at Mary Potter Hospice in Adelaide, reported Daily Mail.

Unfortunately, he lost his battle to the aggressive disease.

His Wikipedia: Age And Wife

Unlike his son, Denis Sheridan’s Wikipedia is yet to be documented.

However, one can gain a brief insight into his bio through this article.

 Denis Sheridan’s age was 76 years when he died.

He was born and raised in Adelaide, Australia, so he holds Australian nationality.

Similarly, Mr. Sheridan was married to his wife Margaret Sheridan.

The pair were blessed with 7 children.

Furthermore, he was a swing singer by profession. And, his singing also inspired his son Hugh and now he is following the footsteps of his beloved father.

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