Denise Chariesta Biodata Tiktok, Age Boyfriend And Instagram

Meet Denise Chariesta: Everything About Indonesian Flower Designer

Meet Denise Chariesta: Everything About Indonesian Flower Designer

Denise Chariesta is an Indonesian Flower Designer. People are curious to know her biodata as well as career. Let’s get to know about her life details.

Denise Chariesta is from Indonesia who is widely known for being active on social media. She uploads daily activities through her social media. She is a florist and uploads pictures of Bunga (flower) on social media to increase business revenue.

Denise Chariesta Biodata

Denise Chariesta’s biodata is not available on the internet.

However, we have gathered some information about her that we could find.

Denise Chariesta went viral on social media, after claiming to be a rich person and looking down on people who were eating food from the street vendors. She uploaded a video of herself with several friends criticizing poor people and the internet is mad about it.

Denise and her friend Nikita Mirzani appeared on a talk show. The episode aired on Wednesday, October 28, 2020, offended artists and Indonesian people on social media. However, Denise used this situation to her advantage as she gained even more attention.

After going viral she got an endorsement and received an invitation to appear on television. Some people say she deliberately provoked the emotions of people on social media to get more popular. She has lots of haters compared to people who love her.

Denise Chariesta Age and Boyfriend

About Denise Chariesta’s age, she is 28 years old.

However, we don’t know where was she born but she currently lives in Indonesia. We also don’t know the exact date of her birth.

According to our research, Denise Chariesta does not have a boyfriend yet. She may be secretly dating but she has not opened up about it. If we get any information about her love life we will upload it in the future.

Denise Chariesta Instagram and Tiktok

Denise is active both on Instagram and TikTok. Her Instagram username is @denisechariesta and her Tiktok username is @denisechariesta.diary. She has 389K followers on Instagram and 3.8M followers on Tiktok.

Business and social media go hand in hand for Denise Chariesta. Apart from being a florist, she also manages a coffee shop, DC Coffee, located in the South Jakarta area. She uploads her activities on a daily basis to communicate with her fans.

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