Denise Huskins Wikipedia Age, Lawsuit And Wedding

Who is Denise Huskins? Vallejo Gone Girl Case Update

Who is Denise Huskins? Vallejo Gone Girl Case Update

Does Denise Huskins have a Wikipedia Page? Denise has been the headlines on Reddit following the revive of her lawsuit from the Gone Girl case.

Alleged California’s “Gone Girl” has finally released a book, citing her chronicles of the 48 hours kidnapping case. The book is titled “Victim F: From Crime Victims To Suspects To Survivors.” 

Denise Huskins Wikipedia

Denise Huskins does not have a Wikipedia biography yet.

But, you can find her Instagram bio as @huskins.denise. She has amassed over 150 followers on her IG.

In 2015, Huskins alleged she and her partner, Aaron Quinn, were kidnapped in their home in Mare Island home. Similarly, she also stated she was raped, assaulted, and imprisoned by a man for two days.

However, when Huskins filed for the report, she was shocked by the police response. The Vallejo Police Department apparently dismissed her accusations by citing them as a hoax. 

Ultimately, social media named Huskins “Gone Girl” from California.

The name was inspired by the famous “Gone Girl,” where the main character fakes her own abduction. 

However, the case took a turn when the kidnapper was finally arrested. It was revealed that Matthew Muller indeed kidnaped Aaron Quinn and Denise. 

What Is Her Age?

Denise Huskins’ age is 35 years old.

She was born in 1986 in the United States.

Denise Huskins Lawsuit Settlement

Denise Huskins lawsuit case ended in a $2.5 million Sette.

In 2016,  Huskins and Quinn filed a lawsuit against the Vallejo Police Department investigation. The couple alleged that they felt emotional and physical trauma, hardship, and humiliation due to the city’s negligence.

The case was specifically filed against Detective Matthew Mustard and Lt. Kenny Park. Both Huskins and her partner claimed they were defamed in public. 

Huskins’s case was heavily discussed in Reddit groups as well.

Many people on Reddit showed support to the “Gone Girl.” Furthermore, the kidnapper is serving 40 years in prison now.

Happy Ending: Everything on Her Wedding

Denise Huskins and her husband Aaron Quinn tied the wedding knot in 2018. 

Despite going under trauma together, the couple came out further stronger.

Soon after the lawsuit, Denise and Aaron Quinn got engaged. Now, they also have a daughter named Olivia together.

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