Devincent Spriggs Washington State Wiki Age: Aaron Donald Accuser

Who is Devincent Spriggs Washington State? Everything To Know About Aaron Donald Accuser

Who is Devincent Spriggs Washington State? Everything To Know About Aaron Donald Accuser

Devincent Spriggs came into the public eye after the incident at Washington State. 

Devincent Spriggs is the man who had filed a complaint of alleged assault against Aaron Donald, a popular American football player. He and his attorney Todd J. Hollis have come out to the media to talk about the incident.

Devincent Spriggs: Incident at Washington State

Devincent Spriggs was at a South Side bar in Pittsburg, Washing State, when he bumped into Aaron Donald, the accused assaulter.

As per his attorney, Devincent had merely bumped into the star footballer, after which a fight broke out. 

They were asked to leave the club, after which the said man was beaten badly by Aaron and was taken to hospital by his friend who had been with him at that time. This event had taken place at 3-4 am on April 10-11.

According to the complainant, the fight was totally unprovoked. The beating led him to have 16 stitches, a broken orbital bone on the head, a broken nose, and a sprained arm. 

He and Attorney Hollis are now demanding a criminal investigation against Aaron Donalds. 

While these claims had been filed against the footballer, many are trolling Devincent with memes on Twitter; amongst the fans, some are actually angry that he went to the cops after losing a fight. 

Devincent Spriggs Age and Family

Devincent Spriggs is 26 years of age, as claimed by this article.

However, his birth date is not known yet.

Unlike the accused Aaron Donald, Devincent Spriggs is not a man of prominence; hence we know nothing of his family, wife, nor his children (if he has any).

Everything about Devincent Spriggs

As mentioned earlier, Devincent Spriggs is not a well-known figure and is also not a footballer like Aaron Donalds.

The only thing known about him is that he was allegedly assaulted by the said footballer and had filed a complaint about action against him.

There is no information on Devincent Sprigg’s net worth or wiki made so far.

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