Did Luni Get Arrested? Luni From Gacha Life Dead Or Going To Jail

Is Luni From Gacha Life Arrested & Going To Jail? Death Hoax Explained

Is Luni From Gacha Life Arrested & Going To Jail? Death Hoax Explained

Is Luni from Gacha Life dead or is he going to Jail? It turns out both rumors are false. But how did the gossips even start? Find Out.

On April 17, 2019, YouTuber Luni uploaded his video “GAME OVER” and stopped posting altogether. Since then, Luni has been under several rumors. 

After his absence, fans have surrounded Luni with some bizarre conspiracies. 

Did Luni Get Arrested? Lune From Gacha Life Going To Jail Rumour

No, Luni from Gacha Life is not arrested or going to Jail. 

Back in 2020, there were many rumors that Luni was going to Jail for creating Gacha Life. It is alleged that people accused some fans of creating inappropriate pictures of Gacha’s characters, which happened to be underaged.

However, the claims were completely falsified by a YouTuber named egguami in her channel.

Egguami explained that Luni was not responsible if the fans created inappropriate content from Gacha. Disclaimers were put before the Gacha app. 

So, it is safe to think Luni is not in handcuffs or behind bars for no apparent reasons. 

Is The Creator of the Creator of Gacha Life Luni Dead? 

The rumors on Luni from Gacha Life is dead are also false.

After the YouTuber stopped posting in 2019, people came up with many theories.

Some other person named “Luni” suffered death from a heart attack in late 2020. Some assumed that the late Luni was from the Gacha Life. However, the rumors were pointed out as baseless.

On May 26, 2020, YouTuber Kix Soso uploaded a video titled “Luni is dead.” But, even Kix later clarified that the video was posted as a joke and a theory for the character-not the natural person!

After receiving too much heat, Soso even later confirmed that Luni from Gacha Life is alive. 

What Happened To Luni? How Old? 

Luni has moved on to new projects.

Expect Gacha; the creator is associated with myriad other content. Therefore, Luni is working on developing new games.

Luni from Gacha’s age is 28 years old. 

His real name is Lucas Lee. His younger sister is Gacha’s manager, Charlotte. 

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