Did She Get Murdered? Cause Of Death

What Happened With Ashley Henley? Story Details And Case Update

What Happened With Ashley Henley? Story Details And Case Update

Ashley Henley lacks a Wikipedia page. She was murdered in the same property where her husband sister died. Let us learn about her cause of death and case updates.

Ashley was a politician. She was a Republican Party member serving formally in the Mississippi House of Representatives.

Ashley Henley Wikipedia

Ashley Henley Wikipedia bio is available.

She had her biography imprinted on Wikipedia after her death. Her Wikipedia page provides a glimpse into her political career.

Ashley was a Republican politician. She served as a member of the Mississippi House of Representatives for four years.

She was elected to the position in 2016 for the 40th district of Mississippi.

However, Henley could not continue her position at the Mississippi house after losing to Hester Jackson-McCray. So then, she started working for the Mississippi Center for Public Policy.

Before her political career, Ashley was a teacher in the DeSoto County School District. She served there for 13 years.

Then, she worked at Northwest Mississippi Community College. She was an adjunct American history instructor there.

Ashley Henley Husband and Family

Ashley Henley husband is Brandon Henley.

It is not known when they got married. Ashley’s family included a son with her husband.

Her husband’s sister Kristina Michelle died of burning in December 2020. However, Henley’s husband believed his sister was murdered as there was no smoke in her lungs.

Did Ashley Henley Get Murdered? Cause of Death

Ashley Henley got murdered on June 13, 2021.

She was shot and killed, causing her death in Water Valley, Mississippi. She was murdered near the same trailer where her husband’s sister was burnt. 

The authorities reported her death to be a homicide. She was getting rid of the grass around the trailer. 

Notably, Ashley’s family believes the same person is guilty of the deaths of Ashley and Kristina. They do not think what happened to Ashley at the same place could be a coincidence.

The investigators had found new evidence in Michelle’s death some days ago. Finally, they were about to learn what happened to her. 

Now, the investigators are searching for the connection between the two cases. The authorities will perform an autopsy on Henley within a week.

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