Did She Killed Her Daughter?

Sutha Sivanantham Husband Age & Wikipedia: Did She Killed Her Daughter?

Sutha Sivanantham Husband Age & Wikipedia: Did She Killed Her Daughter?

Sutha Sivanantham and her husband lost their daughter as Sutha killed her in 2020. Get to know her age and Wikipedia details.

Sutha has been suffering from depression and anxiety since last year. That led her to kill her daughter.

Sutha Sivanantham Husband and Family

Sutha Sivanantham’s husband reveals the lockdown had a fatal impact on her.

Mr. Sivanantham said she could not receive a good service from the medical professionals. Also, she was highly impacted by the covid-19 restrictions last year.

There is not much information regarding Sutha’s husband. In fact, his name and profession are a mystery to the public as of now.

Sutha’s husband mentions they were having a happy family and a fulfilling married life. The Sivanantham couple had not revealed when they married.

Also, the Sivanantham family had a daughter named Sayagi. She was killed at the age of five last year.

Sutha Sivanantham Age: How Old Is She?

Sutha Sivanantham’s age is 36 years old.

It is not clear where she was born. Also, her exact birth details have not surfaced in the media yet.

Besides, no information is available about Sutha’s parents and family background. She has been residing in Mitcham, South London, with her husband. 

On the other hand, Sutha’s daughter was five years of age.

Sutha Sivanantham Wikipedia

Sutha Sivanantham is not on Wikipedia as of now.

Sivanantham has been gaining attention for committing murder last year. Her case may be featured on a Wikipedia page soon.

In fact, Sutha had been suffering from bad health since 2019. She had sought medical help at A&E. To point out, she had diarrhea and irregular periods complemented by weight loss.

However, Sutha started believing wrongly that she suffered cancer. This conceived a fear and anxiety in her.

Again, the covid-19 pandemic and following restrictions increased her anxiety. Soon, she reportedly developed depression. She could not get the medical and emotional support she needed.

Did She Kill Her Daughter?

Sutha Sivanantham killed her daughter on June 30, 2020.

Actually, she stabbed her daughter Sayagi over 15 times. In addition, she also pierced her stomach, leaving her by the side of her dead daughter.

It is believed that her mental illness led Sutha to kill her daughter. She is pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

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