Dionne Baugh Released, Where Is She Now? Husband And Family

Dionne Baugh Released, Husband And Family: Where Is She Now?

Dionne Baugh Released, Husband And Family: Where Is She Now?

People are wondering where is Lance Herndon’s murderer, Dionne Baugh, now? Stay with the article to know further.

Dionne Baugh was the mistress of late millionaire Lance Herndon. Dionne began the affair behind her husband’s back, and when she found out Lance Herndon was also seeing other women, she got jealous.

Dionne worked at the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority in the early 1990s. Baugh murdered Herndon after he planned to break things with her.

Dionne Baugh: Lance Herndon Murder

Lance Herndon was the CEO and founder of Access Inc., who Dionne Baugh murdered. Herndon was a young, rich, and one of the most eligible bachelors in Atlanta. Lance and Baugh had an affair in 1996, and the heinous crime was an act of jealousy.

Dionne Baugh got arrested after her DNA was found in the murder spot. To reduce the charges of manslaughter, Baugh pleaded guilty and served time in a state correctional facility. She was given ten years in prison and further ten years on probation.

Is Dionne Released And Where Is She Now? 

Dionne Baugh got released from prison in 2011. After her release, Baugh stayed in Georgia, but she later moved to Florida and Kansas for a short period. Dionne keeps a low profile as she does not want any media attention on her, reports The Cinemaholic.

Dionne was born in 1969, and her current age is around 51 years. Baugh is yet to have a Wikipedia page, but her bio is present in a couple of news articles. Any details about Baugh’s net worth are not disclosed.

Dionne Baugh Husband And Family

Dionne Baugh is a Jamaican emigrant who moved to the US with her family. Dionne was married to Shaun Nelson. Shaun was a pilot for Air Jamaica, who still works as a pilot and first officer. Talking about their children, Dionne and Shaun’s child was born in 1992.

Her ex-husband is remarried and lives in Coral Springs, Florida. Her daughter, Amanda Nelson, is studying medicine. Baugh was arrested while she was in the process of her divorce from Shaun, reports Murderpedia.

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