Dixie Lewis Age Instagram And Accident: Michael Lewis Daughter

Michael Lewis Daughter Dixie Lewis Died In An Accident: Everything To Know

Michael Lewis Daughter Dixie Lewis Died In An Accident: Everything To Know

Dixie Lewis was just 19 years old at the time of death. Unfortunately, she died at a really young age.

Popular American author and financial journalist, Michael Lewis, recently suffered a devastating loss. He has lost one of his children, Dixie Lewis, to a car accident. 

Dixie Lewis Age: How Old Was Michael Lewis’s Daughter?

Dixie Lewis was the age of 19 years old.

Dixie Lewis was the daughter of American author, Michael Lewis. She was born in April 2002 to Lewis and his wife, Tabitha Soren. Sadly, Lewis passed away on May 25, 2021.

The celebrity daughter became a victim of a serious car accident. Reports suggest that Dixie Lewis was seated as a passenger, while her boyfriend Ross Schultz was driving the car. However, the car collided with a Freightliner semi-truck. 

This eventually led to both Schultz and Dixie Lewis’s death on the spot. On the other hand, the truck driver suffered minor injuries.

Everything on About The Accident – Dixie Lewis’s Obituary 

Dixie Lewis died in an accident in Truckee, California. 

The car collision took placed in State Route 89, while Ross was heading northbound. Similarly, the truck apparently blew his 2014 Ford Fusion in the northbound lane. Moreover, police have ruled out alcohol and drugs as the cause of the accident for now.

After the sad news, Dixie Lewis and her obituary circulated on the media. 

Michael expressed that he and his whole family was devasted by her death. Likewise, mother Tabitha mentioned her daughter as a fighter. In addition, Dixie’s brother Walker and sister Quinn also seem distraught by the situation right now.

Did She Have Instagram?

You can find Dixie Lewis on Instagram of Pomona College’s Softball team.

Lewis had recently graduated from Berkeley High School. Likewise, she admitted to Pomona with a major in neuroscience. Furthermore, she was also involved with the softball team of the college.

Besides, Dixie had already become a decorated athlete in Pomona. She even coached several girls on the elite clubs.

Both Lewis and Schultz were high school lovebirds. Moreover, the whole accident investigation is still under review. 

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