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Amii Lowndes Doctor Who Actress Cause Of Death Revealed

Amii Lowndes Doctor Who Actress Cause Of Death Revealed

Amii Lowndes Sudden death at a young age has shocked many people. Stay with the article to find out how did Amii die.

Amii Lowndes was a popular actress who appeared in Doctor Who in 2014 with Peter Capaldi. Lowndes also worked in popular TV series Skins and Casualty. 

Amii Lowndes passed away recently in Bristol, England. During the first COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Lowndes went back to her home in London.

Amii Lowndes Death: How did she die?

Amii Lowndes passed away on April 3, 2021.

Amii suffered seizures twice and a severe seizure just weeks before she collapsed in Bristol. Amii’s first seizure was in 2018, and she suffered another one in May 2020. The doctors failed to diagnose Lowndes’s epilepsy.

In a phone consultation, the doctors told her that the seizures are most likely due to problems with her heart. Lowndes did not take any anti-epileptic medication.

The cause of Amii Lowndes’s death is SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy), reports Daily Mail.

Lowndes’s parents and family found out about SUDEP only after her death. Amii Lowndes’s death obituary is private as of now, as her family has asked for privacy during the difficult time.

Is the Doctor Who Actress On Wikipedia?

Amii Lowndes is not on Wikipedia.

However, Amii Lowndes is active on Instagram under the username ajwillalowndes. Lowndes has 4.2k followers and 152 posts on her Instagram account. Her Instagram bio says, a being of human. Looking at her Instagram account, it seems like Amii was interested in art.

One can read about Amii Lowndes, the Doctor Who actress’s bio, on a couple of Wiki-bio pages.

Amii Lowndes’s net worth details are still private.

Amii Lowndes Husband And Age

Amii Lowndes was not married, and she did not have a husband.

Amii Lowndes’s age was 29 years during the time of her death.

Lowndes did not have any children.

Many of Ammi’s friends and family have shared their condolences and prayers on Twitter. Lowndes was said to be full of life and fun-loving.

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