Does He Have A Husband Or Boyfriend?

Andre De Grasse Gay Rumors Addressed – Everything On His Dating And Married Life

Andre De Grasse Gay Rumors Addressed – Everything On His Dating And Married Life

Is Andre De Grasse gay? No, he is not gay. Find out if he has a husband or boyfriend.

Canadian sprinter Andre has now won five Olympic gold medals. Recently, he triumphed in the 200 meters event at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Also, he bagged a bronze medal in the 100 meters event. Moreover, Andre is set to compete in the 4×100m relay race on August 5, 2021.

Andre De Grasse Gay Hoax Debunked

Andre De Grasse’s gay rumors are all fake. Well, it all turned out to be hoaxes on the internet.

For the past couple of days, fans were curious to know about his sexuality. Finally, today, we can confirm that he is straight.

Moreover, there were speculations regarding Andre’s sexual orientation on social media. You can find tons of tweets that are related to this topic.

According to WSPN Speculation News on Twitter, popular sprinter Usain Bolt commented on Andre. Reportedly, he had been providing remarks about gays, which started all these rumors.

Many Athletics followers started to believe that Andre was homosexual. But, as per our research, we are sure to inform you all that he is heterosexual.

Well, the Canadian is yet to comment on his sexuality. But, probably, he will be shocked to hear about such nonsense tittle-tattles.

Does Andre De Grasse Have A Husband? Married Life Explored

No, Andre De Grasse doesn’t have a husband. But, he is married to his wife named Nia Ali.

Interestingly, Nia is also a professional track and field athlete. Sadly, she is not competing in the Olympics 2021.

According to Meaww, she decided to have her third child when the games got canceled in 2020. Moreover, Andre’s partner believed that the Olympics wouldn’t take place.

Nevertheless, Nia doesn’t regret her decision. On the contrary, she has been cheering her husband and the entire country from her home.

Well, Andre and his better half gave birth to their daughter, Yuri, in June 2018. Three years later, the couples are now parents of their second child.

With Michael Tinsley, Nia has a 6-years-old son. Indeed, all three children live with her new husband today.

Everything About Olympian De Grasse Rumored Boyfriend

Andre De Grasse is rumored to have a boyfriend. But, the news has turned out to be a spoof.

To be clear, the athlete has never shown interest in men. However, we can guarantee that he is living a happy life with his longtime girlfriend, Nia.

Speaking more about his family, he was born to Beverley De Grasse and Alexander Waithe. According to Wikipedia, his parents influenced him to become a Catholic.

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