Does James Charles Have Cancer? Bald And Shaved Head Explained

Does James Charles Have Cancer? Bald And Shaved Head Explained

Does James Charles Have Cancer? Bald And Shaved Head Explained

One of the prime internet celebrities, James Charles is once again taking the internet by storm. But this time the rumors are whether or not the makeup tutor has cancer. Here are the close-up explanations of those rumors. 

James Charles is one of, if not, the most popular internet personality who posts make-up tutorials on social media. Best known for his Youtube channel, the social media celebrity has over a couple of billion views on his Youtube channel. 

The 21-year-old started his social media spree in 2015. Ever since his each and every social media post has the attention of viewers. So, whatever he posts on social media it is going to be talked about by a lot of people. 

One of James Charles’s tweet has made everyone on the internet going crazy. He tweeted his photo with his head shaved. So people are speculating that the Youtuber might have cancer. 

Does James Charles have Cancer?

James Charles most probably doesn’t have cancer. Many people on the internet are saying that his bald head is fake. After his tweet on February 11 with his bald head, James Charles has posted another teaser with his normal hair. 

For a person who is known for his scams, this might be one of them. But the make-up has not confirmed it yet. 

Why did James Charles shave his head?

For instance, his shaved head might as well be fake. But if he really did shave his head, it might be one of his new looks. But it is definitely not due to cancer. 

The make-up artist is never off the spotlight. Be it a controversy or outrageous rumors, James Charles’s name in itself is a brand on social media. 

How are people reacting to James Charles’ bald head?

The Youtuber looks great with his bald head. And fans have recognized that. They are absolutely loving his new look and praying that it is not fake. 

A few other lots, however, are still caught up with those cancer and surgery rumors, which seems very unlikely. 


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