Does Plumbella Have Autism? Plumbella’s Boyfriend, Age and Instagram

Plumbella’s Boyfriend, Age and Instagram: 10 Facts To Know About

Plumbella’s Boyfriend, Age and Instagram: 10 Facts To Know About

Plumbella is a popular Youtuber known for streaming her game plays on her Youtube channel and her Twitch account. She has been known for her awesome and interesting gameplays she streams online. She has been followed and subscribed to by many youngsters all around the globe.

Moreover, Plumbella has studied history and digital media in her college. Later she dived into the world of gaming and streaming which went very well for her. She is also one of the few lady gamers we know of. Below are some interesting facts about the lady gamer Plumbella.

Name Plumbella
Birthday July 5, 1995
Age 25
Gender Female
Nationality British
Profession Youtuber
Instagram @plumbellayt
Twitter @plumbellayt
Youtube @Plumbella

10 Facts on Plumbella

  1. Plumbella is 25 years old. She was born in 1995 and she celebrates her birthday on July 5 every year.
  2. Born in England, Plumbella holds a British nationality.
  3. Her first video to make over 100k views was ‘BULLIED TO SUICIDE || The Sims 4: Birth To Death’ where she talked about the subject of bullying.
  4. Most people know by the name Plumbella but this is not her real name. In fact, her real name is Jesse McNamara
  5. Coming over to her family and siblings, she has an older brother and an older sister. The identification of her siblings is not disclosed.
  6. Currently, Plumbella resides in Middlesbrough, England.
  7. She has collaborated with one of the popular gamers RTGame on the Twitch stream. 
  8. Talking about her relationship or boyfriend, not factual information is available regarding her relationship. However, the rumor is spread by her followers that she might be in a relationship with RTGamer.
  9. And finally, the answer to the question ‘Does Plumbella Have Autism?’ is a ‘Yes’ since she tweeted on her Twitter account about being terrified by her autism. 
  10. Plumbella has over 537k subscribers on her Youtube channel @Plumbella, over 133k followers on her Twitch account, about 98k followers on her Twitter, and about 90l followers on her Instagram account.

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