Does She Have Husband Or Wife?

Who Is Carla Suárez Navarro Partner? Personal Life Details

Who Is Carla Suárez Navarro Partner? Personal Life Details

Who is Carla Suárez Navarro partner? Since she is gay she does not have a husband. Here are details on her personal life listed in this article. 

Carla Suárez Navarro is a professional Spanish tennis player.

She reached her career-high singles ranking of world No.6 on 29 February 2016 and doubled her world No.11 on 27 April 2015.

This shows she was won two singles and three doubles titles on the WTA tour. 

Carla Suárez Navarro Partner

Carla Suárez Navarro is openly gay.

She dated a woman named Martha in 2018, a physiotherapist, yoga teacher, and sports nutritionist. 

Martha also joined Carla’s entourage in late 2017 as a trainer.

Although they had parted ways professionally in February 2019, their personal relationship has continued to blossom. 

At present, we are unsure if she is still in a relationship with Martha, but she still hasn’t deleted photos of them together on Instagram, which shows they might still be together. 

The 32-year-old tennis player describes her sexual orientation as a lesbian. 

Furthermore, she was born in the Canary Islands to handball player José Luís Suárez and former gymnast Lali Navarro. 

Navarro started playing tennis when she was nine and moved to Barcelona in 2007 to train at the Pro-Ab Tennis Academy.

One of her unique way of playing is that; she uses a single-handed backhand, unlike most female players of her era, and is great with a variety of shots.

Brands like Lotto and Wilson sponsor her. Carla estimated net worth is $1-2 Million. 

Does She Have Husband Or Wife?

The answer to knowing if Suárez has a husband or wife is uncertain.

She is expressing a lot of affection and shares photos of Olga García, a Spanish footballer. 

Likewise, Olga is also seen posting many pictures of them in her own Instagram account. 

In September 2020, Navarro was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma just after announcing her retirement from tennis. And, the following year, she was declared cancer-free and returned to the tour.

“Carla Suarez Navarro begins an emotional final French Open on Tuesday, less than a year after she was diagnosed with cancer,” according to 24 Digital.

She had undergone nine months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy while suffering from cancer. At present, she is a cancer survivor and fighter who will shine on the tennis court. 

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