Doreen Montalvo Wikipedia, Age, Cause of Death, Husband and Family

Doreen Montalvo Dies: How Did The Actor Die? Cause of Death Revealed

Doreen Montalvo Dies: How Did The Actor Die? Cause of Death Revealed

Doreen Montalvo was an actress known for her performances in the theater production of Mrs. Doubtfire. She passed away recently in October 2020. While the cause of her death is yet to be released, she suffered a stroke prior to passing away. 

She was one of the best-known theater actresses and had been on numerous beloved productions. In addition to this, she was also a well-known TV actress who made appearances on ‘Law & Order’, ‘The Good Wife’, etc among others.

Name Doreen Montalvo
Age 56 (at the time of death)
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Actress; Singer
Husband Michael Mann (window)
Children 3 step daughters
Instagram doreencita

10 Facts About Doreen Montalvo

  1. Doreen Montalvo’s Wiki page does not exist but you can read all about the late actress in the facts below. 
  2. Doreen Montalvo’s age at the time of death was 56 years old as per this source. The exact date of birth has not been revealed. 
  3. The cause of Doreen Montalvo’s death has remained a mystery but many people believe that it was from a stroke she had suffered a month before she passed away. 
  4. Moving to her personal life, Doreen Montalvo was married to fellow stage actor husband Michael Mann.
  5. Doreen and her husband did not have any children together but Doreen had step-children from one of Mann’s previous relationships. Not much else is known about her personal life. 
  6. According to Montalvo’s IMDb biography, she married Mann on 28 July 2010. 
  7. Her family has been grieving over her loss. They will soon be making her obituary public. Her manager Steve Maihackwas the one who confirmed her death. 
  8. She was known for her work on the Broadway musical Mrs. Doubtfire which had been halted since the March 12, 2020, COVID restrictions. 
  9. The late actress was also a talented singer in addition to being an actress. Her performances were well-known in the New York area. 
  10. As for her on-screen credits, she has 11 credits as per IMDb, most of them were small roles on TV shows. 

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