Dr Dorothy Otnow Lewis Husband, Age, Wiki, Bio: Crazy, Not Insane

Who Is Dr Dorothy Otnow Lewis From HBO’s Crazy, Not Insane? Husband And Family

Who Is Dr Dorothy Otnow Lewis From HBO’s Crazy, Not Insane? Husband And Family

Dr. Dorothy Otnow Lewis is a psychiatrist who has handled various violent criminals including infamous serial killers like Ted Bundy and Arthur Shawcross. 

Her life as a psychiatric doctor for these gruesome criminals has been explored in the new HBO documentary ‘Crazy, Not Insane’. Other than being a therapist, she is also an author who has released several books of her experiences as a therapist for notorious criminals. 

Name Dorothy Otnow Lewis
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Psychiatrist; Author
Married/Single Widowed
Husband Melvin Lewis
Children 2
Education Yale University School of Medicine.

10 Facts About Dr. Dorothy Otnow Lewis

  1. Dr. Dorothy Otnow Lewis was married to Melvin Lewis, her husband was a child psychiatrist who also taught at Yale University. He passed away in 2007 and they gave birth to two children. 
  2. Otnow’s age and birthday are not public knowledge but according to some sources, she is in her late 60s and 70s as of November 2020.
  3. Her Wiki page is being updated but you can read her bio in this article. 
  4. She is one of the most widely known psychiatrists in the world, she has worked with various death row inmates and has also done a lot of research with serial killers. 
  5. The doctor worked with most of America’s biggest serial killers and vile criminals.
  6. She noted in her research that most of the criminals she worked with were victims of abuse or violence as children. 
  7. Other than this, she is also an author who has released 3 books about her experiences as a doctor treating patients for decades. 
  8. She is also featured on the HBO documentary ‘Crazy, Not Insane‘. The documentary follows her experiences with serial killers and death row criminals. 
  9. The doctor has also worked with Ted Bundy and her work with the serial killer has been presented in the HBO project. 
  10. Most of the docu-film shows the doctor in the 1980s trying to prevent abuse to other future generations by studying criminals. 


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