Dr Swati Mohan NASA Wikipedia, Husband, Age And Parents

Dr Swati Mohan Wikipedia: Get To Know NASA’s Perseverance Rover Mission Member

Dr Swati Mohan Wikipedia: Get To Know NASA’s Perseverance Rover Mission Member

Dr Swati Mohan’s Wikipedia is yet to arrive. But, she has a Twitter bio with 9.5k followers.

Dr Swati Mohan is covering headlines recently as NASA’s Perseverance rover lands on Mars. Dr Mohan was one of the key figures who made the project successful. Similarly, she was in charge of the landing and attitude control of the rover.

Dr Swati Mohan: Husband and Age

Dr Swati Mohan’s husband is not disclosed.

Dr Mohan is a smart woman in science. She prefers to be defined by her work rather than personal affairs. So, she rarely talks about her love life.

Dr Swati Mohan’s age seems around 30’s.

The scientist has many years of experience. However, her exact birth date and zodiac sign are not available. 

Dr Swati’s Parents Explored

Dr Swati Mohan’s parents are Indian immigrants.

Moreover, Dr Swati’s family moved to America when she was just one year old. Likewise, she was brought up in Northern Virginia-Washington DC. Besides, we are currently assembling her siblings and parents’ name.

Quick Facts:

Name Dr Swati Mohan
Age 30’s
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Scientist
Twitter @DrSwatiMohan

Some Facts on Dr Swati Mohan

  1. Dr Swati Mohan was a young science enthusiast. She was just 9 years old when she got interested in the universe and its system. Likewise, she was inspired by watching star trek.
  2. Dr Mohan wanted to be a pediatrician at first. However, her teacher motivated her into Physics when she was 16 years old. 
  3. Speaking about her education, Dr Swati Mohan completed her bachelor’s degree from Cornell University. Furthermore, her undergrad major was Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. 
  4. She also a Master’s and a Ph.D. degree from the prestigious MIT. Likewise, her degree was Aeronautics/Astronautics. 
  5. Since the beginning of the Perseverance Rover mission, Dr Swati was heavily involved in the project. In fact, she is employed at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California.
  6. NASA’s rover took 203 days to reach Mars. It traveled 293 million miles in total. Now, it will seek life on the previously unexplored planet. 

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