Drake Bell Name Change, Family And Ethnic Background

Drake Campana: Why Did Drake Bell Changed His Name? Is He Spanish? Facts On Ethnic Background

Drake Campana: Why Did Drake Bell Changed His Name? Is He Spanish? Facts On Ethnic Background

Drake Bell legally changed his name to Drake Campana. He has apparently moved to Mexico and is singing songs in Spanish, while many believe that the star is doing all of that to appeal to his Hispanic fan base, he is yet to confirm the news by himself. 

Fans are also outraged at the star’s move to change his name and adopt the Spanish language on social media to appeal to his fans. He has changed the name of his social media accounts to Drake Campana and has even put a Mexican flag beside his name on Twitter. 

Name Drake Campana (formerly Drake Bell)
Birthday June 27, 1986
Age 34
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Actor; Singer
Parents Robin Dodson and Joe Bell
Siblings 4
Net Worth $600 thousand
Instagram drakebell
Twitter DrakeBell

10 Facts About Drake Bell aka Drake Campana

  1. Drake Bell has changed his name legally to Drake Campana, he has probably done so to appeal to a Hispanic fan base. 
  2. Former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell’s name change has sparked a polarizing reaction on social media. 
  3. Many believe that the former ‘Drake and Josh’ actor is launching a blatant attack on Hispanics by trying to be more Latino when he is originally White by ethnicity. 
  4. His ethnic background is mostly Caucasian and he has not been vocal about having Latino heritage. Many people believe that he changed his name because he is more popular among Hispanic viewers. 
  5. The name change is not the only controversy he has been involved in as his former girlfriends have accused him of abusing them and other underage girls. 
  6. In addition to changing his name, he has also moved to Mexico and has released many songs fully in Spanish. 
  7. He has also been active on various Mexican TV shows and events. He was also a featured star on the Mexican Telehit show in 2019. 
  8. Similarly, he has also started posting in Spanish on social media.
  9. One of his Tweets was in Spanish and read that he would not post in English and would only post in Spanish. 
  10. The star was born to parents Robin Dodson and Joe Bell. His parents divorced when he was 5 years old. 



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