Dthang Girlfriend And Baby Mama: Who Was Dthang Dating?

Was OTF Dthang Dating Anyone? Know About His Baby Mama And Girfriend

Was OTF Dthang Dating Anyone? Know About His Baby Mama And Girfriend

OTF Dthang was dating his girlfriend and baby mama fat fat. Fans are asking about her situation after Dthang sad death news.

According to the latest report, American rapper and artist Dthang has passed away. He is known for songs like Bunny Hop, Caution, and Gzz Box. Unfortunately, he was apparently shot in his head. 

Dthang Girlfriend And Baby Mama: Who Was Dthang Dating?

Dthang was dating his girlfriend fat fat.

fat fat also happened to her baby mama.

The late rapper has 2 children named Love and Dontay. In 2018, Dthang even wished his girlfriend on the occasion of mother’s day. Likewise, he thanked her for being a great mother.

Dthang was a family man. He frequently posted pictures with fat fat, whose official name is not disclosed. Furthermore, Dthang shared the photo of his baby son on his birthday on September 27, 2019.

Till now, fat fat has not released any statement on the Dthag’s alleged death. 

Who Shot And Killed Dthang?

Dthang was shot and killed at a club party by an unknown person. 

Recently, the news started circulating on social media that Dthang was shot dead on June 6, 2021. The incident supposedly took place in a nightclub near the Chicago area.

Similarly, witnesses even claim that he was shot in the head and didn’t flinch a muscle. 

Fans were shocked to hear the news. Netizens immediately took the matter on social media to pay tribute to the late musician. However, some people couldn’t believe the news as Dthang posted IG stories few hours before his untimely demise. 

Dthang was just 24 years old in age. But, the official statement for his death is yet to be released.

How Much Net Worth Did OTF Dthang Own?

Dthang generated a decent net worth, which is still under review. 

OTF Dthang, real name Dontay Banks Jr., was a rapper and hip-hop artist. He is remembered for his albums like Perfect Timings and Still Dangerous. 

Banks is the brother of popular American rapper Lil Durk. Previously, their cousin was also shot dead in an SUV due to some gang-related reasons. 

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