Dua Saleh Is Non Binary Gender Actor

Dua Saleh Is Non Binary Gender Actor – Who Is Their Partner?

Dua Saleh Is Non Binary Gender Actor – Who Is Their Partner?

Dua Saleh is a non binary gender actor. She is of the gender group that is neither male nor female and these people identify themselves outside the gender binary.

Actor Dua Saleh is a Sudanese-American recording artist who is also known to be a songwriter, poet, and actor.

Is Dua Saleh A Non-Binary Gender Actor?

Yes, the famous actress is a non-binary gender actor.

The Sudanese-American sensation claims themselves to be neither male nor female.

They have also been involved with Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, and Augusburg’s LGBTQIA Student Services.

Dua came out as a nonbinary when they were in the second year of Augsburg University but according to them, they have always been nonbinary.

As the famous actor is neither male nor female, Dua does not have a gender pronoun like he or her. Instead, Saleh’s gender pronouns are either they or them. 

Talking about Dua’s religion, the artist is a nonbinary Muslim.

Dua was born in Kassala, Sudan, and their family is of Tunjur heritage. Their family became refugees of the Second Sudanese Civil War in the 1990s.

Saleh was just 5 years old when the Saleh family flew to Sudan and moved several times before settling in the Rondo neighborhood of Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Who Is Their Partner?

Dua has not mentioned their partner anywhere on the internet or even with the media yet.

Moreover, there is also no clue whether the famous songwriter has ever been in any relationship or is enjoying the single life.

The only sure thing about Dua’s love life is that they have not been married to anyone for now and do not have a family of their own.

They have also not shared any posts related to relationships or love life on their social media accounts until now which has kept their love life completely away from the people.

Saleh was interested in poetry since their early childhood and started writing poetry when they were just four years old.

In addition to writing and performing music and poetry, Saleh has also appeared as an actor in 20% Theatre Company’s November 2018 production of Waafrika 123 in Minneapolis.

Moreover, Dua has also been cast in the third season of Netflix’s comedy-drama named Sex Education and we can see them appear as Cal in the series.

Saleh has released many superhit songs including Warm Pants, cat scratch, Sugar Mama, signs, pretty kitten, and many more.

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