Ducks Fall In Drain TikTok Video is Storming On Internet: Baby Ducklings TikTok Video

Ducks Fall In Drain TikTok Video is Storming On Internet: Baby Ducklings TikTok Video Explained

Ducks Fall In Drain TikTok Video is Storming On Internet: Baby Ducklings TikTok Video Explained

Some ducklings fell in the drain and the video has been going viral on TikTok.

As human beings, we are obsessed with cute and cuddly pets. Ducklings are very cute and people on TikTok or people, in general, are obsessed with them. So, it’s not a surprise to me when I heard ducklings are all over TikTok.

People regularly upload videos of ducklings on TikTok. Sometimes, they show the process of ducks being hatched from an egg, and sometimes there are videos of ducklings just being ducklings. However, there is a new duckling content that is going viral on TikTok.

It’s not new for duckling videos to go viral and I have seen many ducklings video but this video is pretty distressing because it’s also a bit scary. There is a video of ducklings falling down the drain and people having to rescue them from that drain. We don’t want to see cute ducklings hurt. That’s why so many people have seen this video on TikTok.

Ducks Fall In Drain TikTok

There are few videos on TikTok that were very stressful for me to see. These poor ducklings being stuck on the drain after falling down from the drain grate was one of those experiences.

People were pretty concerned at first but they did not have to worry too much. Fortunately for the ducklings, there were some wonderful and kind people who were going to save them from the drain.

The video is very sweet and you can’t help but feel nice for the ducklings. And, I am not a psychologist, but I say it with confidence- If you don’t feel good for the saved ducklings, you have no heart.


Saving baby ducks that fell down a drain grate! 😍🐥 ##fyp ##wildlife ##duck ##australia ##foryoupage

♬ Moon Begins – Florist

The music is another reason this video is so sweet. There is a moment in the video when the rescuers are terrified because they thought one of the ducklings was escaping but in the end, all of the ducklings are saved. We can’t count all the ducklings but in the end, it was all fine.


##rescue ##animalrescue ##duck ##ducklings ##adorable ##help ##saving ##save ##cute ##heroes ##hero watch this duckling get rescued from a drain.

♬ Mission Impossible Theme (Movie Trailer Mix) – Dominik Hauser

This is also another ducklings rescue video and the music choice is just fabulous.

Baby Ducklings TikTok Video Explained

Baby Ducklings own a portion of TikTok. Seriously guys! It’s not a joke. You just have to see how much people are obsessed with these furry birds. There are a total of 125.5 million views on TikTok videos that have used the hashtag “#ducklings“.

There are different types of ducklings videos. I am just going to classify the videos into 3 categories. The first and the most popular type is the “cute and cuddly ducklings”. These videos are ducklings just enjoying being ducklings and it’s adorable.


no regrets buying ducklings. cutest lil guys🥺 ##ducks ##ducklings ##foryou ##fyp

♬ original sound – sephora_cremone

Look at this video. Ducklings haven’t even done Patrick or anything. They are just waddling and this girl almost lost her mind as she screamed “Oh My God!!” Yep, that’s the power of ducklings.

There are also some videos which ae a bit stressful. The video we showed you first falls under this category. Ducklings fell down a drainpipe and people rescued them. To show you how much humans care about ducklings, just see this news about ducklings being saved on The BBC. Seriously, a world-famous news company sharing happy news of ducklings being saved is sort of hilarious and sweet at the same time.

Do People Hurt Ducklings Just For Video?

Once in a while, you come across a video where you suspect if the person filming the video intentionally put the ducklings in danger and then “rescued” them just for the sake of a video.

A Reddit thread discussing a video like that came to my attention upon my research and I was immediately angered. 

Putting ducks in oil for tiktok clout from r/iamabigasshole

This person apparently put tars on ducklings and pretended to save them which is just so disgraceful and pathetic. Ducklings are seen on a tray soaked in a tar rater than being stuck in someplace unfortunate which gives the idea she had already planned the whole thing. 

People like these should be seriously tarnished and if it were up to me, I’d ban her TikTok. But, other than a few cruel people. duckling videos on TikTok are almost like chicken soup for your soul. They have unlimited power to make you happy.

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