Dule Hill and Wife Jazmyn Simon Son

Levi Dulé Hill: Dule Hill and Wife Jazmyn Simon Daughter

Levi Dulé Hill: Dule Hill and Wife Jazmyn Simon Daughter

Levi Dulé Hill is famously known as a celebrity kid as both of his parents are public figures. His father is Dulé Hill who is an actor and a tap dancer and his mother Jazmin Simon is also an actress.

Name Levi Dulé Hill
Birthday May 10, 2019
Age 1 year
Gender Male
Height 19 inches
Weight 3.1 kgs
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Parents Dule Hill and Jazmyn Simon
Siblings Kennedy Hill (half-sibling)

His father and mother got married in early 2018. Both of them were co-stars while they were working on Ballers. On May 10, 2019, Levi was born. As he is a celebrity kid there was a lot of attention towards him from before he was born. Right after his birth, Levi got a lot of media attention as he is the son of celebrities.

Though he is a little child he has gained a lot of recognition from people and there are also many people who are wanting to know about the cute little gorgeous boy. His father’s biography is available on Wikipedia whereas his mother has her name on IMDb.

10 Facts About Levi Dulé Hill:

  1. Levi Dulé Hill is a recently born child who has earned a lot of fame for being the family member of a celebrity.
  2. This star kid is actually the son of the popular American actor, Dule Hill, and his wife whose name is Jazmyn Simon. 
  3. Levi was born last year, in 2017, and he recently celebrated his first birthday on May 10.
  4. As he is just a year old, there is obviously no Instagram account for him yet. However, he has appeared multiple times on Dule’s Instagram profile.
  5. When he was born, he was measured as 19 inches tall and his weighed nearly 3 kilograms.
  6. Talking about his family, he has an elder sister whose name is Kennedy Hill who was actually born from Dule’s previous marriage to Nicole Lyn. 
  7. Both of his parents are actors and have earned a lot of fame. 
  8. Talking about his father, Dule has appeared in popular movies and television series like Suits, Psych, The West Wing, etc.
  9. Talking about his mother, Jazmyn has appeared in popular movies and television series like Ballers, The Caregiver, Psych: The Movie, etc. 
  10. Levi’s only siblings Kennedy is a half-sibling. 

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