Dustin Halse Partner Age And Scandal

Is Labor MP Dustin Halse Married? His Partner And Family

Is Labor MP Dustin Halse Married? His Partner And Family

Dustin Halse is taken by his partner Rachel Halse. What was her reaction to the latest scandal? Find Out!

Remember the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky sex scandal in the late 1990s. It looks like time hasn’t changed much in the world of politics.

An Australian MP, Dustin Halse, was recently accused of “bonking” in the parliament office.  

Dustin Halse Partner – Is The Labor MP Married?

Dustin Halse is married to his partner Rachel Halse. 

The couple has been together for a while. Dustin was supported by his wife Rachel when he won a seat in the Victorian Legislative Assembly.

He was elected as the MP from the Labor party in November 2018.

He represents the district of Ringwood in Victoria. Likewise, he and his family live in the electoral area together.

However, Dustin has not reported any children yet.

Everything on Dustin Halse Scandal 

Dustin Halse is caught up in a sex scandal recently.

The news was first made public by Liberal MP James Newbury on Monday’s parliament hearing. He accused the MP of having sex in the parliament office. 

The investigation report was first put forth by Herald Sun when the paper alleged that a Victorian MP being investigated for sex allegations back in May. The person was identified as Dustin only in June.

Many politicians, including the opposition party, have come forward to condemn Halse’s alleged actions. They have criticized his inappropriate workplace behavior.

On the other hand, neither Dustin nor his spouse has not given any statement yet. Besides, the full details of the case are still under review. 

How Old Is He? 

Dustin Halse is 36 years old in age.

Dustin is a politician. Born on May 3, 1985, he is a native of the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Similarly, he pursued politics and history degree from Monash University.

Before his political career, he worked as a lecturer, school care program coordinator, sports coach, and even trade union official.

It is still unclear how his scandal will affect his political endeavors. No actions have been take by the authorities yet. 

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