Dustin Poirier Flag – Are His Parents French Or Filipino?

Dustin Poirier Flag Explored – Where Are His Parents From?

Dustin Poirier Flag Explored – Where Are His Parents From?

What is with Dustin Poirier and the Filipino flag? His parents are French but people often get mistaken.

Dustin will face Conor McGregor on Saturday Night. The Trilogy is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated fights in the UFC 264.

Poirier, aka The Diamond, is currently number 1 in UFC light heavyweight rankings. While McGregor is one of his life’s toughest opponents. The final installment of a trilogy is scheduled for July 10, 2021.

Both the fighter have on each victory with one another.

Dustin Poirier Flag: His Naitonality Explored

Dustin Poirier represents the American flag. Staying true to his roots, Poirier is from Lafayette, Louisiana.

He is loved by many in the Asian land. The fighter has also been spotted alongside the Filipino flag on plenty of occasions. In 2017, he was training at Louisiana in his Diamond Training Center. At the back of the view, there was a Filipino flag.

Upon catching the moment, many fans worldwide have speculated there is some relation between him and the nation. Similarly, we have often seen the fighter wearing shorts with a Filipino flag.

Some have speculated it to be his sponsors. At the same time, we do not actually know the exact relation.

Are His Parents French Or Filipino?

Dustin Poirier’s parents are of French descent.

After being seen alongside, Filipino flag, many fans misunderstood him being part of the Philippines. However, this is not true; the Poirier family has a European-American origin.

Ethnicity: His background & Origin

Dustin Poirier is of Mixed ethnicity.

He belongs to the Cajun heritage who is also called Acadians. The ethnic group mainly lives in the state of Louisiana.

The descendants of the tribe also lived in the Canadian Maritimes provinces. Acadians are mostly recognized as French speakers from Eastern Canada.

Dustin Father: Darrell Poirier

Dustin Poirier’s father, Darrell Poirier, was a fighter himself.

In fact, Dustin claims he is a third-generation fighter. His grandfather might have stepped into rings.

However, we do not know any more details about them.

Dustin Mother: Jere Folley Chaisson

Dustin Poirier’s mother, Jere Chaisson, left his father a long time ago.

His parents went through a divorce when he was only 5 years of age. Jere then went on to raise Dustin along with his two siblings.

The MMA fighter was dropped from his school. Despite his mother’s best effort, he could not continue his studies.

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