Ebi Eats Death – GoFundMe Age, Net Worth And Instagram

Ebi Eats Death – GoFundMe For Ebi Nurse, How Did He Pass Away?

Ebi Eats Death – GoFundMe For Ebi Nurse, How Did He Pass Away?

Ebi Eats death has caused grief to all his loved ones. A Gofundme page has been created in support of Ebi. Read the article to know his age and net worth. 

Ebi Eats is also known as Nurse Ebi or Ebiowei Porbeni has been considered one of the most famous influencers in the healthcare industry thanks to his podcast Nurse Speak. 

His podcast explores a number of interesting topics like navigating workplace relationships, coming back after making mistakes on the floor, and even some spooky ghost stories of discharged patients.

Furthermore, Ebi was a professional basketball player at the University. He played over 60 games on the court.

His death news was big tragic news for all. It’s sad to hear that a brave personality has gone.

Learn About Ebi Eats Death: What Is The Death Cause?

Ebi Eats aka Ebiowei died because of cancer disease. He was diagnosed with Leukaemia.

Sadly, Ebi passed away on July 22, 2021. 

His death news is gone viral on the web when users started posting tribute messages on their profiles.

Further, Ebi’s friends and family are devastated after this shocking news. He passed away in Los Angeles, California. The funeral plans are not shared with the public.

Moreover, his family will soon release their official statements and comments on this tragic incident.

Likewise, Ebi was considered as one of the gems in the healthcare industry and loved and liked by the public.

Ebi Eats GoFundMe

According to a GoFundMe account organized by Ebi Nurselifern to help Ebiowei Porbeni through his cancer journey.

Likewise, a gofundme page was raised for him for collecting the donations. And, the money was for the treatment of the disease. Unfortunately, Ebiowei lost the battle of life against cancer.

Ebi Eats Age

Ebi Eats age is not known. 

However, looking at his physical appearance, he seems to fall in the age group of 27-35 years old. 

How Much Ebi Eats Net Worth?

Ebi Eat’s net worth is not known. 

Moreover, he must have earned decent pay through his profession. 

He was qualified from Malone University in the Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc).  Moreover, Ebi spent years in the nursing community and was a professional in his job.

Meet Ebi Eats On Instagram

Ebi Eats has an Instagram account, where he talks about the ups and downs of working on the floor. 

Follow this page @nurselifern. The account is private, so it must be hard for non followers to listen to his podcasts and check his posts which speak on a broad topic.  

The IG account has garnered 1.2m followers as of 2021. 

Further, Ebi has a Twitter account under the username @ebi_eats. He had joined Twitter in January 2013. 

Unfortunately, we are not able to find Ebi Eats on the Youtube channel. 

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