Eddie Soto Net Worth, Girlfriend Age And Wikipedia

Who Is Eddie Soto From Cartel Crew? Know His Net Worth And Girlfriend

Who Is Eddie Soto From Cartel Crew? Know His Net Worth And Girlfriend

Did Eddie Soto cheat on his girlfriend? Let’s know more about Cartel Crew cast net worth and Wikipedia.

Eddie Soto is the contestant of the shown Cartel Crew.

The show is based on the lifestyle of different people and it explores their life.

It premiered on VH1 on January 7, 2019. The show chronicles the daily lives of the people whose families have had previous connections to Cartels in Miami Florida. He took part in this reality show as he has a past of drug dealing.

He was even arrested for the drug case.

Eddie Soto Age and Wikipedia 

Eddie Soto hasn’t revealed his real age yet. 

Looking at his photos and past cases it looks like he is in his early 30s.

Eddie Soto hasn’t been featured on Wikipedia yet. But there are so many portals where we can find some information about the reality TV contestant.

However, Cartel Crew has been featured on Wikipedia. we can find some of his information there too.

Eddie Soto: Who Is His Girlfriend?

Eddie Soto was dating his fellow contestant of the show Katherine Flores who is also known as the Tatu baby.

She was born on 28 October 1987 in New York. She was the daughter of a notorious drug dealer father in New York City.

Eddie Soto and Tatu Baby had a breakup when Katherine found that Eddie Soto has cheated on her.

They broke up but she and Eddie have already given birth to their son. The name of their son is  Deniro Roman Soto.

He was born in 2014. According to the recent interview of Tatu Baby they have decided to raise their son together and they are back together but after that, there are no further details.

Eddie Soto: What Is His Net Worth?

Eddie Soto hasn’t revealed his net worth till now.

We can guess that he might be earning a good amount of money from the show. 

Looking at his Instagram handle we can say that he is really happy in his life and has left his criminal life far away.

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