Eduardo Moreno Laparade Wikipedia Biografia, Edad, Wife And Family: Cause Of Death

Eduardo Moreno Laparade Wikipedia Biografia: Cause Of Death Revealed

Eduardo Moreno Laparade Wikipedia Biografia: Cause Of Death Revealed

Eduardo Moreno Laparade’s Wikipedia Biografia is yet to arrive. 

Eduardo Moreno was a Mexican journalist. His sad demise was recently announced on Twitter. On the other hand, he served as the head of Mario E. Moreno AC Foundation until his death. 

Eduardo Moreno Laparade Cause of Death Revealed

Eduardo Moreno Laparade’s cause of death is revealed as COVID-19.

Eduardo was hospitalized on January 19, 2021, due to breathing difficulties. In the same way, he was kept under artificial oxygen for weeks. Despite the efforts, Laparde took his last breath in Feb 2021. 

Eduardo Moreno Laparade Wife and Family

Eduardo Moreno Laparade’s wife grieves following his death.

But, Eduardo’s spouse and children are hiding their privacy. Likewise, Eduardo Moreno Laparade’s family tree consists of his uncle Mario Moreno aka Cantinflas. Cantinflas is a renowned Mexican actor and filmmaker. 

Eduardo Moreno Laparade Edad

Eduardo Moreno Laparade’s edad seemed around the ’70s.

Laparade was born and raised in Mexico. However, he never disclosed his birthday and zodiac sign. 

Quick Facts:

Name Eduardo Moreno Laparade
Age 70’s
Gender Male
Nationality Mexican
Profession Journalist

Some Facts on Eduardo Moreno Laparade

  1. Eduardo Moreno Laparade was the sole owner of Cantinflas’s film rights. According to the late Laparade, Cantinflas gave him the film rights just before his death.
  2. Eduardo was involved in a nasty lawsuit with Cantinflas’s only son, Mario Arturo Moreno Ivanova. However, Ivanova lost his life to a heart attack amid the lawsuit.
  3. The journalist was the son of his father, Eduardo Moreno Reyes. Likewise, Reyes worked as a lawyer for Cantinflas for many years. 
  4. Cantinflas and Eduardo worked together since Eduardo was a child. In fact, Cantinflas used to call Eduardo was “El Mariachi” during his early days.
  5. Even after his uncle’s demise, Laparade continued to serve his legacy. He opened a foundation called Mario E. Moreno. Furthermore, he was serving as the CEO of the organization.
  6. Laparade was also a selfless philanthropist. His organization supported over 27 charity works. Moreover, it also delivered books to children. 

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