EJ Osborne Cause Of Death: Was He Transgender?

How did BBC EJ Osborne Die? Cause Of Death Revealed

How did BBC EJ Osborne Die? Cause Of Death Revealed

Who is EJ Osborne and how did he die? This is the question that has been circulating in everyone’s mind. So, let’s find out everything about him.

A native Australian EJ Osborne was a BBC channel presenter based in England. The presenter was quite popular for a show called Money for Nothing. The show was basically based on a theme of upcycling unwanted and old items.

Moreover, EJ used to make wooden art pieces. One can check out his art pieces at his art piece dedicated Instagram account@hatchetandbear.

EJ Osborne Cause Of Death

EJ Osborne’s actual cause of death is still off the record. 

The BBC TV presenter died at Dorothy House Hospice in Somerset on 21st September 2020. 

Though the cause of his death is not revealed by his family until now, we assume it was due to cancer. In one of his Instagram posts, he had mentioned that he completed his last round of chemotherapy in December 2019 and now will be receiving regular immunotherapy.

But maybe something went wrong, and his health condition got worse. According to the source, EJ was in hospice for more than 3 weeks prior to his death.

Was Osborne A Transgender?

Yes, EJ Osborne was indeed a transgender.

Once in an interview, EJ claimed that the society he grew up in was homophobic so it was hard for him to come out. He said that when he was in his teenage, it was still illegal in Australia to be gay.

However, after embarking on an expedition to the world’s major cities, he embraced himself and overcame his transphobia.

His Wife And Family Explored

Mr. Osborne was married to his wife Annie-Marie. The couple was together since 2017.

Talking about his children, the couple has a daughter named Orla

Furthermore, EJ came out to his wife when he was nearly 39 years old. She was an open-minded woman so she took it really well.

Moreover, Annie was there for her husband during his last days and after his death, the family raised money for the hospice that took very good care of EJ. 

Not much is known about EJ’s parents.


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