El Risitas Death, Edad Wikipedia And Reddit: Laughing Meme

Viral Spanish Laughing Meme El Risitas Death: How Did He Die?

Viral Spanish Laughing Meme El Risitas Death: How Did He Die?

Juan Joya Borja known as El Risitas death has left his fans mourning. The comedian behind the Spanish Laughing Guy meme dies, but his laugh will live on.

The moniker “El Risitas” or “The Giggles”(in English) came about when a clip of Borja featured on a variety talk show event went viral.

The clip showcased the comedian narrating a funny incident to the host, which caused him to burst out into laughter over his own story.

Juan Joya Borja aka El Risitas Died: Cause Of Death Revealed

Popularly known as El Risitas or The Giggles died at the age of 65.

The major cause of El Risitas death has been reported to be a long illness.

Dot Esports reported that the comedian was admitted to the Virgen del Rocio Hospital in Seville on April 28 afternoon because of his critical health condition.

However, there is no mention of the said illness, other than the fact that he was facing serious vascular issues.

Meaww reports, he was hospitalized for the illness in 2020. Since then, he had been in and out of hospitals and allegedly had to get his leg amputated on account of his said illness.

Juan Joya Borja Edad and Wikipedia

The comedian’s edad age was 65 years at the time of his Muerte (death).

Borja was born on April 5, 1956, in Seville, Spain. Hence, he had Spanish nationality.

Furthermore, Juan Joya Borja has already been featured on Wikipedia. He gained widespread popularity in 2015 through a series of memes based on the show Ratones coloraos.

However, his first appearance on Television was in 2000, on Jesús Quintero’s show El Vagamundo.

On the contrary, he worked multiple odd jobs, such as cooking and unloading cement sacks, throughout his life, according to his biografia.

The Spanish Laughing Meme Went Viral on Reddit

People on Reddit are paying tribute to the comedian by sharing his original meme after his death.

They have mentioned that there might be multiple versions of the meme created after the real video; however, the original one has the most hysterical funny laughter. 

No matter where ever he is right now, his legendary laughter will always be alive and remembered.

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