Eli Steele Fox News Wikipedia Age, Wife Family And Net Worth

Who Is Eli Steele From Fox News? Find His Wikipedia Age

Who Is Eli Steele From Fox News? Find His Wikipedia Age

Eli Steele from Fox news is a filmmaker. Find him on the Wikipedia page of the movie What Killed Michael Brown.

He is a deaf director who has fought critical race theory in America.

Eli is known for films such as What Killed Michael Brown, What’s Bugging Seth, Katrina, Unlucky Luckey, etc.

Furthermore, he has many accolades in his influential career. Here are some more details on him.

Eli Steele Wikipedia

Eli Steele does not have a Wikipedia bio.

The filmmaker started his career in the year 2005 when he directed his first movie named What’s Buggin Seth. The movie got decent reviews.

It also helped him to grow in his professional career to get an incredible critical claim.

Similarly, What Killed Michael Brown? explored the racial relation around the country in different periods of time.

It is rated 7.4 by IMDB and given a 97% score by Rotten Tomatoes.

Eli is deaf by birth and was diagnosed at the age of one year.

However, he seldom cares as he loves to tell stories through his creativity and pictures.

Eli Steele Age

Eli Steele’s age is 46 years old as of June 2021.

He was born in the year 1974. However, we do not know about his birthday and astrological details.

His nationality is African-American and he belongs to a Jewish family.

Furthermore, Eli Steele is active on the Twitter platform. His username is “@Hebro_Steele” and has amassed 380 followers until today.

Eli Steele Wife

Eli Steele’s wife is of Mexican heritage.

The couple is a parent to two beautiful children. Their son’s name is Jack and their daughter is June Steele.

However, we do not know about her real name. Since Eli is quite private about his personal life.

Eli Steele and his wife are among those who have fought critical race theory in America’s most integrated towns.

His Net Worth

Eli Steele’s net worth is not disclosed.

As per a report by Zip Recruiter, the average earning of a filmmaker is estimated at around $53 thousand.

There is no doubt that he has earned millions throughout his successful career.


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