Elissa Durwood Charles Grodin Wife Age, Wikipedia And Family

Where is Elissa Durwood Grodin Now? Charles Grodin Wife And Children

Where is Elissa Durwood Grodin Now? Charles Grodin Wife And Children

Elissa Durwood is best known as the wife of Charles Gordin. Here is everything about her age and family. 

Best known for his deliciously droll and awkward humor, Charles Gordin has passed away at the age of 86. As reported by the sources, he died of bone marrow cancer at his own home on Tuesday. 

The actor-comedian was one of the revolutionary figures who took comedy to a next level in his career that spanned over 65 years. 

We forward our heartfelt condolences to his wife and family. 

Elissa Durwood: Who is Charles Gordin’s wife?

Elissa Durwood is best known for being the wife of the actor Charles Gordin. 

The couple shared their marital vows in holy matrimony in 1983 and had been together ever since. Moreover, he was married once before tieing the knot with Elissa. 

As for Elissa Durwood, she keeps being in the spotlight. She is an author by profession and written several books. Her preferable genre is Children’s fiction and non-fiction as per her author bio on Amazon. 

Charles took his last breath alongside his wife and family in his home in Connecticut. 

Elissa Durwood Age and Wikipedia: How old?

Elissa Durwood’s age and birthday remain a mystery for now. 

Also, Elissa Durwood doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography of her own. But she does have a mention on Charles’s well-dedicated Wikipedia bio. 

Born and raised in Missouri, she was one of six children. Her parents were Stan and Geneva Durwood. They were famous businesspeople. 

A wife of more than 38 years, she had always been there for him during the thick and thin. 

Charles Gordin died at the age of 86 because of bone marrow cancer. 

Elissa Durwood Family And Children

Elissa Durwood had a son with Charles. His name is Nicholas. 

Moreover, Charles also had a daughter from his previous marriage with Julie Ferguson. Her name is Marion and she is also a comedian like her father. 


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