Elizabeth Shamblin Hannah Age, Boyfriend And Instagram: How Old?

How Old Is Elizabeth Shamblin Hannah? Age Boyfriend Revealed

How Old Is Elizabeth Shamblin Hannah? Age Boyfriend Revealed

What is Elizabeth Shamblin Hannah age? People are praying for her beloved family who lost their lives in an airplane crash. 

Elizabeth is the daughter of popular diet guru Gwen Lara, who recently died in a plane crash on May 30, 2021.

According to Daily Mail, the deadly crash also took the lives of six more people. Two of whom are Elizabeth’s stepfather and her husband.

Hannah was the last person to send a private message to the family members that the Cessna Jet had to go for a quick landing.

Her text had helped to identify them as her own husband and other church members. Here are the details we know about her.

Elizabeth Shamblin Hannah Age

Elizabeth Shamblin Hannah’s age is in the 30’s.

For now, we do not know her birthday and astrological details.

Elizabeth is also active on the Twitter platform with the username “@ElizabethRFC.”

The account has more than two thousand followers for now.

Elizabeth Shamblin Hannah Boyfriend

Elizabeth married her boyfriend Brandon Hannah in the year 2003.

The couple shares four lovely children. Their names are Grace, Gloria, Gweneth, and Charles Grantha.

Professionally, he is a broker and realtor and the owner of the Brandon Hannah Properties.

Brandon Hannah has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the Lipscomb University.

The whole family is members of the Remnant Fellowship Church. The pair were responsible for overseeing the youth group at the church.

The latest report suggests that Elizabeth’s husband, Brandon Hannah, is also among the dead passenger from the plane crash.

Is She On Instagram?

Elizabeth Shamblin Hannah is active on the Instagram platform.

Her Instagram username is “@elizabeth.hannah77”. She often shares her memories with her mother and family.

The account has made more than 136 posts and is following 542. As of now, she has amassed more than 936 followers.

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