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Ella Rae Wise Age: How Old is TOWIE Actress?

Ella Rae Wise Age: How Old is TOWIE Actress?

Ella Rae Wise is a beautiful reality TV star known for appearing in the British series TOWIE, The Only Way Is Essex. She is utterly gorgeous and has made people love and admire her through her charming personality and beauty.

She belonged to a typical family that had some restrictions but despite that, they were equally supportive of her. Ella was never denied for any of her wishes and her decisions were equally given the priority. The star had always aspired to come to the entertainment sector and show the world what she is capable of.

Name Ella Rae Wise
Age 19
Gender Female
Profession Actress
Married/Single Committed
Instagram @ellaraewisex

10 Facts on Ella Rae Wise

  1. Ella Rae Wise is a 19-year-old television star who has appeared on the Television series TOWIE, The Only Way Is Essex. And apart from being a star, she is also a hairdresser.
  2. There is no distinct information available on either her nationality or on the ethnic and religious background she is from.
  3. She stands quite tall with a mesmerizing body however the height and weight are not yet disclosed. Ella is a fitness freak and does workouts and exercises in order to maintain her proper body shape.
  4. There is no information available on her family background except for the fact that they are very supportive of her.
  5. There is also no information about Ella’s school & high school and what kind of student she was.
  6. Ella has attracted everybody’s attention with her goodness and beautiful face and is expected to last on the show for a longer time.
  7. She has recently admitted to being in a relationship with a co-star Tom McDonell who shares an equal amount of compatibility and comfort as she does.
  8. Though they are in a relationship, neither of them has shared any pictures of them being together on their social media accounts yet.
  9. Ella is seen very much active on Instagram where she is seen posting her individual pictures visiting different places.
  10. The Television star though being verified on Instagram doesn’t have a Wikipedia page yet.

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