Emily Lauenborg Today Age And Husband: Dana Laskowski Murder

Emily Lauenborg: Where Is She Now?

Emily Lauenborg: Where Is She Now?

What is the age of Emily Lauenborg in 2021? Get to learn the murder case of Dana Laskowski in detail below.  

Emily was a good friend of Dana Laskowski’s niece, Amanda. 

What is the Age of Emily Lauenborg as of today?

Emily Lauenborg’s age is 37 years old.

Likewise, when Dana Laskowski’s murder happened, Emily was 17 years old. 

The case is already two decades old, and people still remember this dreadful incident.

During the time, Amanda, Dana’s niece, was questioned by police, but she mentioned that someone else had murdered her aunt. Later the case pointed to Amanda’s best friend, Emily Lauenborg.

Who is Emily Lauenborg’s Husband?

There are no clear answers on Emily Lauenborg’s husband.

However, after she was pledged not guilty for the murder of Dana, she got released.

Further, Lauenburg was pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of first-degree manslaughter and was sentenced to six ad half years in prison. 

After she got released, she got married and have children of her own. But, there isn’t any information on her husband and children’s details.

It looks like she doesn’t want them to get public attention and wants to stay quiet about her personal life. 

Update on Dana Laskowski Murder 

Dana Laskowski was the mother of triplets living in Puyallup. At the time of her death, she was 36 years old and worked as a nanny. 

She was also separated from her husband, Sam, and he was with the triplets during the time of the murder. 

Furthermore, Dana didn’t show up to work on August 31, 2001, and that was when her employers checked upon her, and she was nowhere to be found. 

Later, Amanda, one of the suspects, was questioned, and during the interrogation, time finger got to point out to Emily Lauenborg. She was the main culprit who killed Dana Laskowski.

Police had found the diary of Emily where she wrote, “strangle [her] … just like her aunt.” During the time, Emily argued with Amanda. 

Moreover, it was horrifying and sad to see Dana found dead on her living room couch. She has ligature marks on her throat, which meant she was strangled to death. 

In addition, an autopsy report confirmed that her neck was crushed, and she was killed in the early hours of August 31. 

Where is Emily Lauenborg Now?

Emily Lauenborg is already released from jail and is currently settled with her husband and children. 

She is said to be living in Washington, according to The Cinemaholic. 

However, there isn’t additional information on what Emily Lauenborg is doing in Washington and how is her life after she got released being tagged as a murderer. 

In March of the following year, Emily was finally arrested and charged with murder. But authorities still only had circumstantial evidence. 

They needed more to secure a conviction, so they went to Amanda and pressed her for answers.

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