Emir Mulabegovic – Carole Malone Husband Wikipedia & Net Worth

Who Is Emir Mulabegovic? Everything On Carole Malone Husband

Who Is Emir Mulabegovic? Everything On Carole Malone Husband

Emir Mulabegovic is Carole Malone Husband. Learn about his Wikipedia and net worth details here.

Better known as Carole Malone’s husband, Emir Mulabegovic is originally a Bosnian. He has been living with his wife and family in London, United Kingdom.

Emir’s wife Carole Malone is an accomplished journalist, broadcaster, and TV presenter. She is currently a columnist at Daily Express.

Continue reading to know everything on Emir Mulabegovic.

Emir Mulabegovic: Carole Malone Husband

Emir Mulabegovic is the beloved husband of Carole Malone.

The couple has been together for more than 2 decades now.

As per Carole’s Wikipedia bio, they got married in the year 1991 in Richmond, Thames.

The pair must have been in love before they got married, however, we are not sure.

An extraordinary bond of love and co-operation must be the secret to the pair’s long-lasting marriage.

Carole is often seen featuring Emir on her social media platfforms. 

His Family And Children

Emir and his family reside in London.

However, the details on his children are unavailable.

We are not even sure if he and Carole have any children.

He is a man who prefers privacy over his personal life, so this might be the reason why there is no information on his biodata.

His Age: How Old Is Eric

Emir Mulabegovic’s age is estimated to be in the late 50s.

The details on his exact age and date of birth are unavailable. But we estimated his age on the basis of his recent pictures.

Also, his wife Carole Malone is 66 years currently.

Some reports claim that Emir is 8 years younger than Carole.

In that case, Emir Mulabegovic’s age might be 58 years.

Furthermore, Emir is an immigrant. And, his full name is Nino Emir Mulabegovic.

He is originally a Bosnian from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Emir Mulabegovic Net Worth

Mulabegovic’s net worth is off the record.

We are not sure about his job and career also.

So, as his professional background is a mystery we are not even in a position to make assumptions about his earning.

Nonetheless, we assume Mr. Mulabegovic is living a pleasant life.

Moreover, his wife Carole’s job is to serve as a journalist and TV presenter.


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