Emma Dawson Labor Wikipedia Age And Husband: Is She Married?

Who is Emma Dawson? Find Her Wikipedia Age And Husband Info

Who is Emma Dawson? Find Her Wikipedia Age And Husband Info

Emma Dawson is not on Wikipedia. Emma of age around 50s serves in Per Capital as the Executive Director. Please get to know more details on her life through this article. 

Emma is the Executive Director of Per Capita. Per Capita is an independent progressive think tank, which is dedicated to fighting inequality in Australia. 

Emma Dawson Wikipedia

Emma Dawson’s bio details on Wikipedia are absent.

However, she is an active user of Twitter and has made over 16.7k tweets so far.

She was formerly a senior advisor on Digital Inclusion at Telstra, Executive Director of the Institue of a Broadband Enabled Society at the University of Melbourne, and a senior policy advisor in the Rudd and Gillard Governments. 

At present, she is the Executive Director of Per Capita, which builds a new vision for Australia-based fairness, shared prosperity, community, and social justice. 

Moreover, Emma is the co-editor, with Professor Janet McCalman, of the collection of essays “What happens next? Reconstructing Australia after COVID-19,” which is published by Melbourne University Press in September 2020. 

Dawson regularly appears as an expert witness before parliamentary inquiries and often speaks of pubic events and conferences in Australia and internationally.

In addition, she has published reports, articles, and opinions on a wide range of public policy issues.  

What Is Her Age?

Emma Dawson has not revealed her age.

She hasn’t mentioned her birth details.

Regardless of not finding her exact age, it seems she belongs to the age of mid-’50s. 

Who is Emma Dawson Husband

Apparently, it is unclear if Emma Dawson is married or has any marital relationship with her husband. 

Furthermore, if she is married, this shows she doesn’t like to share her personal relationship to get public attention. Emma wants to stay low-key and not reveal anything that is based on her private information. 

Emma Dawson Election

A group of prominent Labor members, including a former deputy prime minister in the Hawke government, have united and are backing Emma Dawson for the seat of Melbourne’s next federal election. 

According to The Age, “Emma has a genuine chance of winning Melbourne back for Labor: a fluent speaker, she has a wide command of policy,” the letter says, going on to list her interests including “climate change, economic and social reconstruction [and] the care economy.”

“During election campaigns, political parties make decisions on where to direct resources and funds based on their likelihood of winning or focus on seats they are at risk of losing. Over the years, given Greens leader Mr. Bandt’s increasing margin, Labor has not focused heavily on Melbourne.” 

She is also honored to be elected for the election and backed by local branch members for her candidacy. 

“I don’t underestimate the challenge of taking on an incumbent with more than a decade in the seat, but if I were to be allowed to run at the next election, I would be in it to win it,” she said.

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