Emma Sidi Wikipedia Age Height, Boyfriend and Instagram.

Who Is Emma Sidi? Find Her on Instagram

Who Is Emma Sidi? Find Her on Instagram

Emma Sidi is probably one of the youngest actors in Britain. Read the full article below to find her age and boyfriend.

Emma is a popular British actress. Moreover, she is also a writer and a stand-up comedian.

She is really different from others because of her amazing sense of humor and acting skills.

She is very passionate about her career. She has taken several acting classes in the past. In addition, She debuted onscreen from”The Pickle” in 2011. 

She has a total of 19 acting credits which are quite impressive for someone so young.

Emma Sidi Age

Emma Sidi has not revealed her real age till now. 

Looking at her photos and posts, we can guess that she might be in her early 20s.

In her pictures, she really seems to be young. She has a height of 5 feet and 5 inches.

Is She On Wikipedia?

Emma Sidi has already been featured on the Wikipedia page.

But there is no information about her personal and early life. 

Her Wikipedia page mainly focuses non her career and her works as an actor and a standup comedian.

Emma Sidi Boyfriend

Emma Sidi is dating a fellow influencer Al Roberts.

He is an actor, writer-producer, and director. He has done many brilliant works.

In her recent posts, she said that she met her best friend and boyfriend while doing a live comedy show. She hoped for the best for everything between the three of them. 

The couples are seen together many times. They travel together a lot, and her boyfriend has also posted a lot of pictures with her.

It seems like both of them are really happy with each other.

Meet Her On Instagram

Emma is active on Instagram under the name @emmafranscescasidi.

She has a total of 3473 followers and has followed 995 people on Instagram.

The actress has posted a total of 131 posts. Looking at her Instagram handle, we can say that the actress loves traveling.

She has also posted many pictures of her family and friends.

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