Enhance Filter TikTok Explained: How To Get Enhance Filter

Enhance Filter TikTok Explained: How To Get Enhance Filter – Step By Step

Enhance Filter TikTok Explained: How To Get Enhance Filter – Step By Step

TikTok added a new feature called “the enhance filter” at the start of 2020. If you have not found the feature in your TikTok app, here’s how to get it. 

It doesn’t matter how bad your day is, when you watch a few TikTok videos at the end of the day, you are refreshed automatically. TikTok burst to fame because it allows users to create and provides a lot of interesting features. 

Trends and Filters are the most deadly weapons for the recent fame of TikTok. There are so many trends and challenges that you can’t even remember. And just like that, there are filters as well. Who wouldn’t want to look good in a video? 

Focused exclusively on teenagers, no one can say that it isn’t the most used social media app by teenagers. At the end of 2019, TikTok became the second most downloaded app in Google Play Store. People love TikTok, no matter if you’re a creator or a viewer. 

Such trends and filters make TikTok so much fun to use. And recently the fun has increased even more because TikTok has launched a brand new feature called “Enhance Filter.” People are already crazy about the feature but many have found difficulty in finding it. 


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Here we show you how to get the “enhance filter” on TikTok. 

What is Enhance Filter on TikTok?

Enhance Filter is the newly added feature by the video networking site, TikTok which came into the display at the start of 2020. Just like its name, it helps to enhance your video in your own way. 

Enhance Filter was trending days after it was introduced. It was because ut allowed users to edit everything in their videos. They could change their hair color, eyes color, nose, tongue, mouth, skin tone, and many more. 

Everyone wants to look pretty on videos, don’t they? Hence, Enhance Filter was the solution to that. It helped creators to make themselves into someone they can imagine. 

Is the Enhance Filter available for everyone?

Before we get into how to get it, you must know that this filter is not available for everyone. Not every TikTok app has the Enhance Filter. If you’re lucky enough, you might have the feature on your TikTok app.

Only selected users can access the feature and we have no idea on what basis they are selected. Hence, if you can’t find the feature, it means the feature is not available for you. 


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But how do you know if it is available for you or not? No need to worry about that because here are the steps to get the Enhance filter if it is accessible in your app. 

How to get the Enhance Filter on TikTok?


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Here is the step-by-step guide to using the filter. 

  1. First of all, Open your TikTok app on your Andriod or Apple phone. Go to the “create” option where you can make new videos. 
  2. As the camera opens, you will find a button at the right bottom of your screen. Click it. 
  3. Once you click the button, you will find a list of options. The first one will be “Flip.” And the second one will be “Filters.” 
  4. If this feature is available on your app, the third option will be Enhance. 
  5. Once you click Enhance, you can make your own edits to the video and enjoy the feature. 

However, the enhance option is not available for every user. For those who can’t find the enhance option, you will probably find the “beauty” option. You can click it and your video is automatically enhanced without any manual effort. 

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