Eni Aluko Partner Or Husband: Is She Married?

Is Eni Aluko Married? Everything On Her Partner And Husband

Is Eni Aluko Married? Everything On Her Partner And Husband

Eni Aluko has remained quiet regarding her partner and husband. Is She Married? Currently she is not. Lets get the details about her gay and lesbian rumors.

Eni, also known as Eniola Aluko, is a former football player who now serves as a British-Nigerian football executive and commentator.

She also was a Sporting Director at Aston Villa before she gave up her role on May 15, 2021.

As a player, she represented England in 102 matches throughout her professional life.

Eni Aluko Partner Or Husband

Eni Aluko has never mentioned having a partner or husband.

She has not spilled the beans about her current romantic life. Nor has she open about her past relationship.

To be precise, Aluko is not involved in any romantic bond as of yet.

Is She Married?

Eni Aluko is not married and she does not have a husband.

The professional English footballer, who plays as a striker, has been wrapping her romance details throughout the years. And she has not manifested any signs of getting married soon.

Eni Aluko Gay Or Lesbian?

While Aluko’s romantic life lies in mystery, many believe that she is gay or lesbian.

She herself admitted that many footballers are gay.

They share their sexuality with their teammates, but they are afraid to come out in public just because of the fear of the backlash they would face.

She mentioned that the Black and Asian women had problems facing the backlash due to their cultural differences. At the same time, some players were easy on coping with their sexuality as being gay or lesbian.

Her statements were true in reality.

But it also tangled her in gay and lesbian rumors.

Eni has not officially talked about her sexuality in public.

Who Are Her Parents?

Eni Aluko had her mom Gbenga Aluko as per parents.

Gbenga is a Nigerian politician who served as a Senator for the Ekiti South constituency of Ekiti State, Nigeria.

He raised his two children, Eni and her sister named Sone Aluko, in Lagos, Nigeria.

Her full name is Eniola Aluko.

She is active on Instagram as @enialuko. She has more than 92.8k followers on the platform, where she has shared around 596 followers.

Similarly, the professional footballer uses Twitter as @EniAlu, and she enriches around 80.9k followers on the platform.

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