Enrique Bradfield Age, Wikipedia Height And Instagram

How Old is Enrique Bradfield? Age Revealed

How Old is Enrique Bradfield? Age Revealed

Enrique Bradfield of age 19 is proving himself to be the best player in Vanderbilt. Learn more about his Wikipedia and height.

Enrique is a Vanderbilt baseball outfielder. 

He is leading college baseball as a freshman in 2021. 

He has been playing since the early age of 8. He is one of the best players on his college team. 

He has already won several titles as well. He is best known for his speed and steals in his game. 

How Old Is Enrique Bradfield? His Age

Enrique Bradfield is now 19 years old.

He was born in Hialeah, Florida. 

He was born in the year 2002. However, there is no information about when he celebrates his birthday. 

He had started to play when he was 8 years old. He was 18 years old when he played 2020 Draft.

His Wikipedia And Net Worth

Enrique Bradfield is yet to be featured on Wikipedia. 

However, we can find him on many news sites and sports pages. 

His full name is Enrique Antonio Bradfield Jr. He attended American Heritage High School.

Enrique is a baseball player. 

He is committed to Vanderbilt. He is leading college baseball as a freshman since 2021.

Despite his early age, he has won a great place in baseball. He was awarded the title 2021 SEC Freshman of the Year.

He is a base stealer of the college team. He is best known for his speed. 

Talking about his net worth, it is yet to be revealed. 

His Height

Bradfield has a height of 6 feet, with 155 pounds of body weight balancing his body.

In comparison with others, he has a bit slimmer body, which might be the reason for his speed.

Meet His Family

Enrique Bradfield is from an athletic family. 

His father, Enrique Sr. was a member of the baseball team at St. Thomas University. 

His mother is Jenny. His sister Yarisbeth was a player on the women’s soccer team at American University.

Meet Him On Instagram

Enrique uses Instagram under the name @enriquebradfield.

He has only 10 posts there and already 31.9k followers. 

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