Erica Sullivan Height Age And Boyfriend

Who Is Erica Sullivan Swimmer? A Look into Olympian’s Family

Who Is Erica Sullivan Swimmer? A Look into Olympian’s Family

Erica Sullivan stands 5 feet and 7 inches tall in height. Does she have a girlfriend? Find Out. 

History has been made as women competed in the first 1500m Olympics swimming race ever. Katie Ledecky, Erica Sullivan and Sarah Kohler took Gold, Silver and Bronze respectively.

Among them, Erica is a gay icon for many swimmers out there. 

Erica Sullivan Height: How Tall Is She?

Erica Sullivan stretches 5 feet and 7 inches tall in height. 

Precisely, Erica stands 170.2 cm on the scale. She is quite shorter than her swimming mates like Katie Ledecky (1.83cm), Lilly King (1.74cm) or Simone Manuel (1.8cm).

Yet, Erica Sullivan at 20 years old age is comparable to all of them in terms of her skills.

Recently, Erica Sullivan finished second in Tokyo Olympics 2020 at the Women’s 1,500-meter freestyle final event. She fell short just a few seconds behind America’s swimming legend, Ledecky.

Sullivan’s results were quite expected by her coach Ronald Aitken. The Olympian had previously stood second in the USA trials.

With her newfound success, Erica Sullivan net worth may witness a stark increase. 

Erica Sullivan Boyfriend Or Girlfriend: Her Gay Sexuality Tells Otherwise 

Erica Sullivan may never make a boyfriend because she is a lesbian. 

Sullivan is one of the seven openly gay swimmers in the Olympics. She is proud of her sexuality and even her Twitter bio writes as ‘Yes, I’m the gay one”.

She came out to her family and friends in 2017. The swimmer stated that she was overwhelmed to receive positive responses from the swimming community after she came out. 

The Olympian wants to be a role model for other gay swimmers. She hopes that they can be directed toward the journey of self-acceptance.

However, nothing is available about Erica’s gay partner right now. She seems single and taken by her swimming career and does not have a girlfriend.

Who Are Erica Sullivan Parents?

Erica Sullivan was born to parents, John and Maco. 

The swimmer was inspired by her dad to pursue a swimming career. Erica Sullivan’s father, John Sullivan, was a former swimmer at the University of Wisconsin. 

Sadly, John passed away in 2017, three months after being diagnosed with esophagal cancer. At that time, 16-year-old Erica had just made her national team debut.

Erica Sullivan’s mother, Maco, was supportive of her daughter throughout. She is a translator by profession. As per her brothers and sisters, no information is made available.

Based in Nevada, Erica Sullivan’s family is originally from Japan. 

The swimmer is proud of her Asian heritage. In fact, she frequently visits her home in Ofuna, which is just an hour away from Tokyo. 

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