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Erika Bowman

Erika Bowman

Erika Bowman is an American actress who has dazzled the Television screen as well as the movie world with her charisma, energetic screen presence and acting that’s subtle as well as vibrant. She has said it herself that if you cross Wanda Sykes and Oprah Winfrey, you would get her.

Bowman has recently appeared in the HBO hit show called Euphoria which was a big winner in the 2020 Emmys Awards. She has also been a part of Criminal Minds and a show called All American. She has not been in any controversies because she just focuses on her work and tries to take herself to a new level.

Name Erika Bowman
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Instagram iamerikabowman

10 Facts On Erika Bowman

  1. Erika Bowman is probably over 30 years of age, However, I can’t really say how old she precisely is. That’s so because Bowman hasn’t spoken about her age in the public yet.
  2. Bowman was born in America and that’s as much as we can tell about her place of birth.
  3. Erika doesn’t have a Wikipedia page which is why fishing details about her is a very hard thing to do. That is also why we don’t know who her parents were.
  4. Bowman has been working in TV for a long period of time. She has worked with major networks such as HBO, CBS, and CW.
  5. We don’t know how tall Erika Bowan really is. She hasn’t ever let the public into knowing about her height and weight.
  6. Erika certainly has acquired a handsome net worth for her long-lasted acting career. However, I have to disappoint you guys as I say we don’t know what her net worth is.
  7. Bowman has a website of herself to highlight her work. 
  8. She is based in LA, California.
  9. We are clueless regarding her love life and can’t say who her boyfriend is. She has kept that to herself.
  10. Erika has 243 followers on her Instagram account.

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