EST Gee Was Arrested In Miami

EST Gee Mugshots Released, Why Was He Arrested In Miami?

EST Gee Mugshots Released, Why Was He Arrested In Miami?

In the latest video, EST Gee was arrested in Miami. Is he locked up? Get to know more about his mugshots. 

EST Gee is an American rapper. He began to gain a local following in Louisville, self-releasing two albums, El Toro and Die Bloody in 2019.

With the release of Gee’s latest mixtape, Bigger Than Life or Death, the internet is fired up with his arrest news. His new release is making the rounds this week making f and of Louisville, Kentucky surprised to learn about his sports background.

EST Gee Was Arrested In Miami: Is He Locked Up?

EST Gee was arrested in Miami. Reports claim that Yo Gotti CMG artist EST Gee was arrested for charges of carrying a gun in his car. 

Is EST Gee locked up? This question might get trigger on your head as his arrested video has flooded the internet.

However, investigations and further details regarding his jail sentence are yet to get out. Miami is a crazy place, you know? You can’t take Miami police for granted.

Video has been circulated all over social media when he was arrested on a road from his car. 

EST Gee arrested video took social media by storm. This video spread like wildfire all over Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook.

Official statements about EST Gee arrest are still hanging on the thread. We’ll let you know more about the arrest and prison when the news gets officially known.

A Look Onto EST Gee Mugshots

EST Gee mugshots are yet to be out publicly.

Fans and followers are eagerly waiting for the official news about the EST Gee arrest.

His arrest doesn’t surprise us at all, as he was already arrested way back in 2016. He was arrested with 12 pounds of marijuana and has faced charges for trafficking.

Nonetheless, Gee thanked the police for arresting him because if he was not arrested he might have continued in the same path rather being a rapper, which was the positive side of the arrest.

EST Gee Age: How Old Is He?

EST Gee is 27 years of age.

In fact, Gee was born in the year 1994 on 11th May. Since his childhood, he has faced poverty.

Additionally, his father was a gangster and his mother took care of him and his siblings.

Originally from Kentucky, EST Gee is a famous Kentucky rapper who is also known for his songs like Rotten, Taught different, and so on.

Get To Know His Real Name

EST Gee goes by the real name George.

Any further details about his last name or background are still out of sight.

What Is His Net Worth As Of 2021?

EST Gee’s net worth is around $600K.

Being a rapper, he has been spotted flexing his expensive lifestyle, jewelry, and flashy sports cars on his Instagram page.

Not slowing down, he is all set to spark his worth from his upcoming project.

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