Esther Edelsten Geoffrey Edelsten Mother

Geoffrey Edelsten Mother Esther Edelsten, Where Is She Now? Did She Pass Away?

Geoffrey Edelsten Mother Esther Edelsten, Where Is She Now? Did She Pass Away?

Esther Edelsten is Geoffrey Edelsten mother. Following the death of her son Geoffrey people remembered her family and children. 

Esther was widely known as Geoffrey Edelsten’s mother back in her time. Her son Geoffrey was an Australian medical entrepreneur who founded Australia’s most reputed Allied Medical Group.

Unfortunately, Geoffrey is not with us today as he passed away on June 11, 2021. At the age of 78, he is understood to have died at his apartment on St Kilda Road, Melbourne, reports ABC News

Esther Edelsten Husband and Family

Esther Edelsten Geoffrey Eldesten mother was married to her husband Hymie Edelsten in 1942, as per the source

After staying in a 65-year-long marital relationship, her husband Hymie died in 2007. 

Furthermore, Esther had two children (both sons). The elder one was Geoffrey Eldesten, whereas the younger one is Rodney. 

Edelsten had a big family consisting of nine granddaughters as well.

Is Esther Edelsten Dead?

Yes Esther Edelsten is already dead.

According to Weekly Times, Geoffrey Eldesten mother died peacefully on September 21, 2016, at the age of 93.

She had lived a generous and passionate life.

Her elder son Geoffrey had shouldered the burden of looking after his mother when she was very ill over the final years of her life.

Daily Mail reports that the two of them were very close. 

After Esther’s demise, Geoffrey and Rodney had some major disputes regarding their mother’s will.

According to Herald Sun, Geoffrey received the majority share of the fortune.

What Was Her Net Worth?

Esther Edelsten left behind a net worth of more than $50 million.

Most of her fortune was inherited by her elder son Geoffrey Edelsen. 

Geoffrey was worth anywhere from $64 million to $100 million, as per WHO.

Edelsten made his fortune in 1971 after opening his first computerized pathology business in Australia. 

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