Esther Salas Son Died on Gun Shot

Daniel Anderl Died Age 20: Esther Salas Son Killed In Gun Shot

Daniel Anderl Died Age 20: Esther Salas Son Killed In Gun Shot

Daniel Anderl was the single child of American judge Esther Salas and lawyer Mark Anderl. He was recently shot dead by an unidentified gun man. 

Name Daniel Anderl 
Age 20 years
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Student
Parents Esther Salas and Mark Anderl
Siblings None
Education St. Joseph High School

The gunman was dressed up as FedEx delivery man. Daniel’s father was also critically injured in the incident.

Police are yet to investigate the whole crime. 

10 Facts on Daniel Anderl 

  1. Daniel Anderl was the young son of American judge Esther Salas. He was the age of 20 years old during the time of his death. However, his birthday and zodiac sign are off the web.
  2. On July 2020, Daniel was shot by a gunman dressed up as a delivery man. The bullet passed straight through his heart, causing his death on the spot. 
  3. Daniel was the only son of the family. His other parents included his father, Mark Anderl. Moreover, Mark was also present during the gunshot and was critically injured.  
  4. The Gunman is yet to be identified. However, people speculate that Anderl’s death may have been linked with his mother enemies. As a matter of fact, Esther is the District Court judge for New Jersey. 
  5. As for now, Daniel Anderl doesn’t own a wiki page. However, he resided in New Jersey with his parents. 
  6. Anderl had recently graduated from St. Joseph High School in 2018. He had secured a grade of 3.8 during his high school. In addition, he wanted to study law like his parents.
  7. Furthermore, Daniel used to be an athlete as well. He used to play baseball and golf in his school. He was popular among students as well as teachers. 
  8. The bright student was preparing to attend The Catholic Univesity of America in Washington D.C.. In fact, he was recognized in Dean’s List of the university. 
  9. The late young adult was a tall height man. His teachers described him as a charming student and a great team player. 
  10. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find Daniel’s public social media accounts. We hope his soul rests in peace. 

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