Euro 2020: Martina Maccari Age Wikipedia & Instagram

Leonardo Bonucci Wife Martina Maccari: Meet The Model On Instagram

Leonardo Bonucci Wife Martina Maccari: Meet The Model On Instagram

Italian footballer Leonardo Bonucci wife Martina Maccari is in her 30s. How old is her age? Let’s explore.

Martina Maccari is called an Instagram model. Her pictures on social media will stun you.

It seems she has already quit modeling. Reportedly, she is a real estate agent now. She will be cheering her boyfriend in the EURO 2020 final.

Martina Maccari Age: How Old Is She?

Martina Maccari’s present age is 35 years old. We can confirm that she was born on November 19, 1985.

Indeed, she will celebrate her 36th birthday in 2021. Her husband, Bonucci is a year younger than her. On May 1, 2021, he celebrated his 34th birthday with his family.

Since the couples have relatively less age difference, their bond seems to be unbreakable. They are more like friends and there doesn’t seem to have any problem in their relationship.

Is Martina Maccari On Wikipedia?

Martina Maccari is not on Wikipedia as she is not as popular as her husband.

Nevertheless, we can find her details on Leonardo’s Wikipedia. His profile claims that Martina is a former blogger. Moreover, she is an Italian, just like Bonucci. Reportedly, she was born in Abbadia San Salvatore, Siena.

To follow her life, you can meet her on Twitter. Under the username of @MartinaZoev, she has around 23 thousand followers.

Get To Know About Leonardo Bonucci Wife Martina Maccari

Leonardo Bonucci and his longtime girlfriend, Martina Maccari tied the knot on June 18, 2011.

Reportedly, they had married in Montalcino, Italy. According to The Sun, they had first met in 2008 through a mutual friend. Now, the couples have three children together – Lorenzo, Matteo, and Maltida. They are all below 10 years old.

Interestingly, Martina’s eldest son, Lorenzo is not a fan of Juventus. It’s funny to know that he supports their cross-city rival, Torino.

Martina Maccari Euro 2020 Update

Martina Maccari will cheer for Bonucci on the EURO 2020 finals.

After a month of competitive football, Italy has reached the final. Reportedly, they are set to play England in Wembley.

Sadly, Martina won’t be present at the stadium to support her husband. With the COVID-19 restrictions, Martina is forced to stay home and watch the game on TV.

Meet Martina On Instagram

Martina Maccari has gained over 222 thousand followers on Instagram.

Indeed, she is a social media icon. If you wish to follow her on Instagram, here is her username – @martinazoev.

Speaking about Leonardo, he is obviously more popular than Martina. Thus, his Instagram account has relatively more followers.

Under the username of @bonuccileo19, he has around 4.6 million followers. The footballer constantly shares his life on social media to connect with his fans.

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