Evalena Flores Facebook – Who Is Emonte Morgan Mother? Mugshot

Emonte Morgan Mother Evalena Flores Also Charged With Murder

Emonte Morgan Mother Evalena Flores Also Charged With Murder

Evalena Flores Facebook post as the mother of Emonte Morgan shocked many people. What did she do?

At first, Emonte and Eric were arrested for the murder of Ella French. Now, even their mother, Evalena Flores, is under police custody for her actions.

She apparently tried to visit her son, who is under police watch at the hospital, without permission.

Evalena Flores Facebook – Who Is Emonte Morgan Mother?

Evalena Flores is on Facebook as Marsia Outofthebox Braidy. 

Evalena Flores is the mother of Eric and Emonte Morgan brothers, who were involved in the shooting of Ella French.

Since the arrest of her sons, Flores has been continuously posting on her Facebook. She even went live on the platform, showing support for her sons. 

A resident of Chicago, Illinois, Flores, is 39 years old in age. And, both of her sons are in police custody for the alleged killing of a police officer, Ella French.

Therefore, her actions are shocked pretty much everyone on Facebook. People are even calling her a clout chaser.

Evalena Flores And Emonte Morgan Mugshot – What Did She Do?

Evalena Flores as well Emonte Morgan mugshot has been disclosed amid her own arrest.

Apparently, Evalena recently caused a raucous at the hospital in an attempt to see her son. She reportedly confronted a police officer in the incident.

On Tuesday morning, the mother tried to visit her 21 years old son, Emonte Morgan, who is being treated at the Advocate Christ Medical Center. She allegedly entered the area via a security door.

Flores was soon thwarted by Chicago Police Officers and Public Safety Officers. However, she continued to resist the arrest while demanding to see her son. 

The police eventually arrested Evalena Flores the next day. She is facing multiple charges like misdemeanour battery, resisting a peace officer, and criminal trespass.

The Involvement of Evalena Flores Sons on Chicago Shooting

Evalena Flores sons are prime suspects in the Ella French Chicago shooting.

On August 7, 2021, French and the other 2 police officers stopped Eric and Emonte at 63rd Street and Bell Avenue. They were being arrested for expired car plates.

However, a passenger from Morgan’s brother car started shooting at the police officers out of nowhere. This eventually led to a physical fight between Emonte and Ella.

It was Emonte who shot French in her head. Though she was taken to hospital, the officer was pronounced dead by the doctors shortly after.

Both brothers are now facing multiple charges. Besides, Emonte is admitted to a suburban hospital as he was heavily injured in the incident. 

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